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  Updated: March 28, 2006

Kollu Ard’in Karbala … Melbourne sees first Arbaeen procession

By: Abbas Muslim

MELBOURNE, Australia: To commemorate Hossaini Sha’a ’er, hossaini organizations in Australia namely Hossainiyah Bayt’ol Hossain, Sayyed-osh-Shohadaa organization, Al-Imam Al-Hasan Al-Mojtaba society and Panjtan Society of Victoria participated in Arbaeen mourning procession in Melbourne.

This was the first time any such procession was organized in Melbourne. The chants of IBNE ZAHRA WAWAILA rent the air, and quite a few onlookers walked distances with the procession.

The procession on 25 March began from Edwards st. Reservoir Melbourne. Large number of people participated in the procession, performed aza and thus extended condolence to Imam Al-Asr (A).

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