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  Updated: May 31, 2006

Moscow Int'l Islamic conference urges moderation

By: Khadija Chinese

MOSCOW, Russia: The International Conference on Humanistic Values and Muslim Youth of Russia ended here on Wednesday with more than 250 cultural and social figures of Muslim states attended.

The Russian Council of Muftis organized the two-day conference. The head of the World Assembly for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (WAPIST), Ayatullah Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri, represented Iran.

Several Russian officials, including representatives of the President's and Prime Minister's Offices and the Russian Duma as well as Moscow municipality officials participated.

Addressing the confab, the spiritual leader of Russia's Muslims Mufti Ravil Gainutdin called on young Muslims to abide by moderate principles and avoid the dangers of radicalized Islam.

Gainutdin said young people had to be steered away from extremist tendencies.

"Islam is a humanistic religion, and we must first of all convey these humanistic values to our young people."

About 20 million Muslims live in Russia.

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