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  Updated: October 29, 2006

Al-Marje Al-Kabir Ash-Shirazi honored in Qom, Kuwait

By: Sheikh M Khurasani/ Sultan Ahmed

HOLY CITY F QOM/ KUWAIT: The fifth death anniversary of Al-Marje Al-Kabir Grand Ayatullah Seyed Muhammad Al-Husseini Ash-Shirazi was observed, like other countries, in Iran and Kuwait.

In the holy city f Qom, Iran, a majlis tabini to mark the occasion was held at Al-Imam Zein-ol Abidin (a.s.) mosque attended by the family of the late Marje, Aal Al-Modarresi, Aal Al-Faali and Al-Qazvini, a number of Maraje, Ayaat, religius scholars, clerics, representatives of Marajeas well as guests from Iraq, Syria, Gulf and from across the country.

Quran reciter Al-Ka’abi opened the majlis with recitation of Quranic verses followed by Aal Al-Beit (a.s.) elegist Alhaj Abo’l Fazl An-Nazem who offered Qasida in praise of Aal Al-Beit (a.s.).

Husseini speaker Sheikh Ma’awniyan addressed and paid rich tributes to the late Marje who was A’alam (the most knowledgeable) of his time. He always urged the need to hold Husseini Sha’a’ir (majalis, matam etc), erection of husseiniyaat and sending of preachers to different global parts to introduce and spread Aal Al-Beit (a.s.) thinking.

Masaeb of Hamilo Lewaa-e-Husseini Abo’l Fazl Al-Abbas (a.s.) were depicted in the end of his speech.

Sheikh Al-Mahmudi also addressed.

In Kuwait, Diwan Seyed Ash-Shirazi observed the occasion by holding a commemorative ceremony. Parliament deputies Salih Ashur, Seyed Adnan Abdossamad, ministers, Iranian diplomats, clerics, representatives of Maraje, Ayatullah Seyed Muhammad Baqir Al-Mehri, Seyed Sabah Shabbar and many others attended.

Abdul Husseini Sultan, Sheikh Muhammad Joma addressed while poet Muhammad Hussein Al-Qazvini presented elegy.

Seyed Ahmed Ash-Shirazi and Seyed Mortadha Ash-Shirazi received the guests.

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