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  Updated: September 19, 2006

Egypt authorities impede Imam Ali celebration at Mount Siani

By: Sultan Ahmed

CAIRO, Egypt: Al-Majlis Al-Ala Le Reayatil Ahl-el Beit, an organization of Shias in Egypt, has said Egyptian security authorities have stopped annual celebration at Makhsha’a (place) Ameer’ol-Mominin Al-Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) at Mount Sinai.

The celebration was scheduled on September 15, and Sunni, Shia Muslim and Christian scholars had to participated in the festival to discuss issues of Egyptian people.

In this regard, the security authorities had given green signal to tribes of Sinai to shoot any stranger.

Also, Egyptian embassies had refused to issue visas to the participants from some countries including Iraq.      

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