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  Updated: August 13, 2007

Imam Hussein (AS) departure of Medina commemorated

By: Raza Ali

NEW YORK, United States: Big Majalis Al-Azaa and mourning processions were held in different countries to mark the beginning of his martyrdom journey on Rajab 28.

It was 28th of Rajab, the seventh month of Islamic calendar, when Al-Imam Abi Abdellah Al-Hussein (AS), grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), left Medinah – the city of Prophet (SAWW) – beginning his martyrdom journey.

Before his departure, Hussein ibne Ali (AS) visited the holy graves of his grandfather Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), his mother Fatimah Az-Zahraa (AS) and brother Al-Hasan Al-Mojtaba (AS) weeping bitterly.

This was the day, the Prophet (SAWW) had foretold: "A day will soon came when my dearest Husayn Will leave Medina, in indescribable grief and pain To meet his fateful destiny, in a far off land With his family and few friends, a tiny band."

As Hussein (AS) left, this verse of Qur’an was on his lips, a verse which relates the story of Moses as he fled from Pharaoh’s Egypt: So as he departed therefrom, fearful and vigilant; he said, "My Lord, deliver me from the evildoers."   

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