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  Updated: August 21, 2007

Special parade honours Hazrat Abbas (AS) on his b-day in Nigeria

By: Muhammad Mansur

NIGERIA: Abul Fadl Abbas (a.s) as the commander of Imam Hussein (A.S) in Karbala is one of the most important personality to the Hurras and the Islamic Movement in general. A ceremony was organised in each sub-unit of the Hurras across Nigeria and Niger on Friday the 4th of Sha’ban 1428 (17/08/2007).

Lectures by the different guests were delivered on Abul Fadl Abbas (a.s) biography, morals and his role in defending Prophet (s.a.w.w.)’s family in Karbala.

A special parade was also conducted in honour of his sacrifice in Karbala.

The ceremonies were held by the Hurras in more than 200 cities and villages of Nigeria and Niger.

Every year 4th Sha’ban is fixed for Hurras to be celebrated in honour of the birthday of Abul Fadl Abbas (a.s).

15th Sha’ban is also another ceremonial day of the Hurras for the birthday of Imam Al- Hujja (A.T.F.).

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