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  Updated: February 7, 2007

First Ashra of Majalis-e-Husseini in Ottawa concludes

By: Mohamed Ali

OTTAWA, Canada: First 13 Majalis-e-Husseini have ended at Husseiniah Al-Batool Fatimah (A) in Ottawa.

Mourners belonging to different countries attended these majalis that began on Moharram 1 and concluded on Moharram 13. Mr. Abbas addressed majalis in English while Hojjatol Islam Sheikh Jafer Al-Haeri in Arabic.

Ibrahim Al-Malki, Abo Moshtaq, Abo-Mohamed, Ahmed Abdah, Abo Muhammad Ali and Abo Falieh recited Husseini elegies.

On Ashoura, MAQTAL was also recited before taking out of Mokeb Tatbeer.

Meal was served daily from the table of Imam Hussein (A).

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