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  Updated: January 20, 2007

Hussein (p) represents courage "Ard At-Taff" launched

By: Karim Tellawi

BEIRUT, Lebanon: In Lebanon, animators have brought to the cinema the story of the martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammad (p)'s grandson, Imam Hussein (p).

"Ard At-Taff" is being launched to coincide with Ashura, when the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (p) at the battle of Kerbala in Iraq in AD 680 is commemorated. The makers of the 3-D animated movie hope to reach a wide audience, including Sunnis.

"It's the first film which tells the story of Imam Hussein," said Ahmed Homani, director of the Beirut production house behind the film. "We are receiving requests from Indonesia and Malaysia for distribution," he said. "Most of the Arab states are talking about the possibility of distribution."

Anthropologist Samer El-Karanshawy said: Hussein (p) represents courage, willingness to die for a cause and "absolute morality to the very end." He is also a symbol of revolution because of his stand against Yazid.

The makers of "Ard At-Taff" have covered Imam Hussein (p)'s face with a glowing light. His voice is supplied by Lebanese Druze actor Jihad Al-Atrash.

"I felt challenged when I was asked to play this role," Atrash said. "This role is hard, bringing together revolution and faith, strength and steadfastness," he said.

Besudes some other countries, Lebanon has some of the largest Shia population in the Arab world.

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