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  Updated: January 22, 2007

Mashhad Ayaat observe Marasem-i-Sogawari Seyed osh-Shohada (A)

By: Sheikh M Khurasani

HOLY MASHHAD, Iran: In the holy city of Mashhad, home to the holy shrine of Hazret-e-Imam Ali bin Mousa Ar-Reza (a.s.), Marajay and Ayaat hold Hosseini mourning at heir offices and residences.

Majales-e-aza were continued at the house of late Ayatullah Mirza Hasan-Ali Marwarid. Besides scholars and clerics from Hoza Elmia, common people attend these 10-day majales to offer condolence to the Holy Prophet Hazret-e-Muhammad (s.v.) and his holy family. Masaeb of Ahli Beit (a.s.) are described by the speakers and elegists.  

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