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  Updated: January 24, 2007

Millions in Iran honoring Karbala Martyrs

By: Sheikh M Khurasani

HOLY CITY OF QOM, Iran: Majalis-e-aza-i-Hosaini were continued across Iran to pay homage to Hazret-e-Imam Hosain and his sincere companions whose holy blood irrigated Islam.

Majalis are held at the holy shrines of Hazret-e-Imam Reza (AS) and Hazret-er-Fatimeh Al-Masumeh (AS) in the holy cities of Mashhad and Qom as well as takaya, hosainiahs, mosques and tombs of imam-zadgan.    

Iran pilgrims can visit Iraq on Ashura only by valid visas

TEHRAN, Iran: An Iranís official in Ilam said that no pilgrim would be allowed to cross Iranian borders into Iraq during the 9th and 10th of Moharram unless they hold valid passports, visas or documents.

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