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  Updated: January 24, 2007

Kuwait majalis: Prophet (p) hosted first Husseini majlis

By: Sultan Ahmed

KUWAIT CITY: With the beginning of Moharram, husseiniyat in Kuwait started their activities to commemorate Waqeah At-Taff Bi Karbala. Walls of the husseiniyat were draped with black to indicate grief on Karbala tragedy.

At husseiniyah Al-Imam Muhammad bin Al-Hasan, Sheikh Jalil Al-Jalili while addressing the majlis highlighted that Imam Hussein (AS) was unjustly klilled in the month of Moharram wherein killing and rioting was termed illegal by Allah. He further threw light on the high lofty status of Imam Hussein (AS) in light of saying of Prophet Muhammad (SV). He said Imam Hussein (AS) does not belongf to Shiias only but to the whole humanity for his sacrifice was for the entire humanity. He said the first majlis-e-aza (Husseini mourning gathering) was organized by holy Prophet Muhammad (SV), as Ayesha (RA) says: I went to Prophet (SV) on the day of birth of Hussein and saw him weeping with tears. I asked him: O Prophet of Allah! Do you weep on the day of birth of Hussein? He replied: First, angel Gabriel greeted me with his birth and then told me what will happen with him after my death.

Sheikh Muhammad Mahmodi, prayer leader of Al-Imam Ar-REdha (AS) mosque, also addressed.

Sheikh Abdul-Hameed As-Samiri addresses at husseiniyah Al-Masumin14 in Mosharaf. He highlights that sacrifice of Imam Hussein (AS) was for protection of religion.

At husseiniyah Ash-Shamiah, Dr Sheikh Fadhil Al-Maliki addressed.

Jassem Al-Karbalayi while addressing at husseiniyah al-Haidariyah (Al_Baloshi) describes Husseini revolution, its effects and backdrop.

At husseiniyah Al-Balosh in Jaberiyah, Sheikh Hussein Al-Matok addresses.   

Aza Al-Husseini continues in Kuwait, security beefed up

KUWAIT CITY: With the emergence of Moharram crescent of the year 1428 AH, Ashuraa commemoration began in Kuwait.

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