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  Updated: January 26, 2007

Mawakeb Al-Husseini draw thousands in Saudi eastern region

By: Abdulali

AL-QATIF, Saudi Arabia: To commemorate Zekraa Ashura Al-Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.), big Husseini processions are being held in oil-rich, mominin-dominated eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Thousands participating in these processions pay homage to Imam Hussein (a.s.) and his 72 sincere companions (r.a.).

On Friday night, Moharram 6, Mokeb Amir Al-Mominin organized a procession from Sahatul Qela’a, Husseiniyah An-Nahash in Al-Qatif at 0800 pm. Renowned Husseini elegist Sayed Hadi Al-Beladi attended.

Mokeb Abo-Al-Fadhl Al-Abbas hold 5-day (Moharram 5-10) mourning programs at Ash-Shariah area of Al-Qatif at 0400 after noon.

In Sehat, Mokeb Ashbaal Al-Imam Al-Montadhar organizes processions from Moharram 4- 10 at 0745 pm at husseiniyah Kabesh.

On 3rd Moharram, Mokeb Ahlul Beit organized a procession in Al-Qadeeh at 0900 pm. Husseini dirge-chanter from Bahrain Jafar Ad-Daruzi made special participation. The procession was taken out from Maqar Nady Modhir.

In Al-Awamiyah, Mokeb Sayed-osh Shohadaa holds marasem Al-Azaa from Moharram 1-10 being attended by rawadeed (Husseini elegists) inside and outside the region.  

Dammam people turn to Sehat for Husseini commemoration after authorities’ refusal

AD-DAMMAM, Saudi Arabia: Mo’minin of Dammam turn to Sehat to observe Moharram and pay homage to Imam Al-Hussein (A) and his companions because authorities did not permit them observance of Husseini mourning rites inside the city.

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