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  Updated: January 28, 2007

Infants remember six-month-old youngest martyr of Karbala

By: Ismail Zabeeh/ Javad Zarif

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: Al-Imam Al-Hossein (AS)’s six-month-old son Abdullah Ali Al-Asghar (AS) was the youngest martyr of Karbala. Muharram 6 is attributed to his martyrdom commemoration across the world.

Therefore, his martyrdom was commemorated in different countries with bringing out of “cradle” in majales al-aza and processions. Tens of thousands of infants and little children, dressed in white and green color clothes, participated in majales and processions.

The mothers were shedding tears to sympathize with Sayyedah Robab (AS), mother of Ali Al-Asghar (AS).

Speakers opened their speeches with recitation of selected verses of Surah Maryam, highlighted the philosophy of Karbala depicted the martyrdom of Ali Al-Asghar (AS).

A big children procession was taken out from the Husseini shrine compound. It terminated at the holy mausoleum of Al-Abbas (AS). The mourners were holding replica coffin of Ali Al-Asghar (AS) to show the tragedy of the little Husseini infant and barbarity of Yazidi forces.

Hormala (L) made Ali Al-Asghar (AS) a target of a very heavy three-face arrow, which pierced the innocent infant's neck. Ali Al-Asghar (AS) smiled and kissed martyrdom while still in the hands of his father Imam Hussein (AS).

These ceremonies were also held in Iran, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Syria and other countries.  

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