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  Updated: January 29, 2007

Islamabad notable procession resolves to foil anti-Islam, -Pak conspiracies

By: Salman Alvi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: As soon as the Zuljinah (markab of Imam Hussain AS) was taken out after Majlis-e-aza, he with weeping eyes stood in front of Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi; he bowed down his head to signify his grief; ‘Ya Hussain wavela … khali aya zuljinah’ were the chants being chanted by every azadar and they were pounding their chests and heads, and screaming in deep sorrow over sufferings of Ahlul Bait (AS).

These were some of the heart-rending scenes of beginning of annual historic procession of Zuljinah, brought out from Jamiatul Murtaza G-9/4 Islamabad on Sunday Muharram 8, under arrangements of Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Hamid Moosavi to pay homage to matchless and supreme sacrifices rendered by Nawasa-e-Rasol-us Saqalain (SAWW), Farzand-e-Ali-o-Batool (AS) Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and his 72 dear and near ones

Thousands of participants of the procession reiterated their resolve that no hesitation would be shown in giving any sacrifice to thwart heinous colonial conspiracies against Islam and Pakistan by following Hussaini Resolve.

Addressing the matamdaran at Muhammasdi Chowk G-9/2, Khateeb Fateh Furat Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi highlighted Hussaini objective. Strongly condemning the last day bomb blast in Peshawar, he termed it a doing of enemies of Islam and Pakistan aimed at destabilizing motherland, and said these blasts could not push us back from the Path of Hussainiat; there is no maslaki or maktabi conflict in any part of the world including Pakistan.

He paid tribute to the Shia-Sunni brethren in Peshawar who foiled the enemy’s conspiracy through unity and took out the procession reverently.

He said Gham-e-Hussain is not any particular sect’s inheritance; rather his Qayam was for demolition of oppression and barbarism, and survival of Divine principles and Shariat-e-Muhammadi, that is why every conscious person is thankful to Hussaain ibne Ali (AS).

A resolution demanded from the government to get load-shedding of electricity stopped across the country during Ashra-e-Muharram, because Ayyam-e-Aza procession are being taken out throughout the nights and the enemy could get an opportunity owing to load-shedding.

Another resolution termed set up of Muharram Control Rooms in Federal Interior Ministry, Punjab, Balochistan and Sarhad on the demand of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya ‘good step’. It expressed regrets for non-formation of Control Room by the Sindh government up-till-now, demanding to set it up forthwith, and if it has been established then publicize the same through notification.

By another resolution, the participants demand that Anti-Terrorism Act should be implemented strictly.

Another resolution regretted that so far musical and comedy programs were continued on electronic media.

Strongly condemning the act of Pakistani High Commission in Britain for not giving holiday on Ashura 30 January, another resolution demanded holiday in PHC on Tuesday January 30 to end restlessness of employees of the Commission and so that they could participate in Ashura Majalis and processions.

The participants reiterated their resolve to fully follow the CODE OF AZADARI announced by the Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Hamid Moosavi, demanded from the government to give ideological representation to Maktab-e-Tashayyo in all State departments, and implement Junejo-Moosavi agreement of 21 May 85 to resolve long-standing problems of Millat-e-Jafariya Pakistan.

Ch. Mushtaq Hussain also paid tributes in Bargahe Hussainiat followed by zanjeer-zani by Azadaran.

The procession culminated after reaching at Jamia Imam As-Sadiq (AS) Karachi Company after touching through its designated routes. Matmi groups from Islamabad and surrounding areas participated in matamdari.

Replicas of Zuljinah, Alam, cradle of Hazrat Ali Asghar and Mehndi Shehzada Qasim (AS) were taken out. Mukhtar Students Organization, Ibrahim Scouts, Mukhtar Generation, Mukhtar Force and other religious and social organizations took part in the arrangements. Sabeel-e-Hussaini was set up. Members of TNFJ district Islamabad Muharram Committee headed by convener Allama Basharat Hussain Imami, high-rank officers of administration and heavy contingent of Police accompanied the procession.

Prior to the procession, majlis-eaza was held at Jamiatul Murtaza addressed by Allama Sheikh Ijaz Hussain Modarris, Allama Basim Abbas Az-Zahiri, Maulana Sardar Sajjad Haideri, Maulana Malik Ijlal Haider Al-Haideri, Hasan Raza Kiani and others. 

Mehndi processions of Hazrat Qasim (AS) held in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: On Muharram 7, big processions of Mehndi (hina) of Hazrat Qasim Ibne Hasan (AS) are taken out in India, Pakistan, Iraq and many other countries to pay homage to the 13-year-old son of Imam Hasan Mojtab (AS).

“Muharram is commensurate with Gham-e-Hussain (A.S.)”

RAWALPINDI,Pakistan: Hojjatul Islam Allama Basharat Hussain Imami, President TNFJ District Islamabad addressing a Majlis at Imambargah Bait Al-Huzn, Alipur Farash Federal Area Islamabad under the auspices of Sadaat Gardezi has said that Muharram is commensurate with Gham-e-Hussain (A.S.) and all schools of thought observe Gham-e-Shabbir (A.S.) with unity and piousness and present their devotion in Bargah-e-Hussaini equally.

‘Azadari dearest to us’ … Peshawar blast slammed by Moosavi

RAWALPINDI, January 27: Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi while strongly condemning bomb blast near Aza Khana Kararvi in Qissa Khwani Bazar Peshawar has made clear that we could not be bent down or made afraid of heinous tactics like blasts and terrorism, nor could be pushed back from path of Hussainiat.

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