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  Updated: June 12, 2007

Al-Marje Seyed Hasan Tabatabai dies, laid to rest in Mash’had

By: Sheikh M Khurasani

HOLY CITY OF MASH’HAD, Iran: One of elderly Maraje, Ayatullah Seyed Hasan Tabatabai Qommi, son of Ayatullah Seyed Hosein Qommi, has expired on Monday June 11 in the holy city of Mash’had, home to the holy shrine of Hazret-e-Imam Ali bin Mousa Ar-Reza (a.s.).

He was born in the holy city of Najaf where he got education and knowledge from grand olima and foqaha including ostaz-ol Foqaha grand Ayatullah An-Naeyni.

Later, after the death of his respected father he traveled to the holy city of Karbala and then to the holy city of Mash’had; there he became prayer leader in Gohar Shad mosque and delivered Bahuth Al-Kharej in fiqh and osul.

He was among those olima who stood against king of Iran Muhammad Reza Pehlvi, and faced imprisonment and torture.

He was laid to rest on Tuesday June 12 in the holy shrine compound of Hazret-e-Imam Reza (a.s.). Ayatullah Sheikh Vahid Khurasani led the funeral prayer.

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