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  Updated: April 21, 2008

Qom Marje negates reports on his views urges Shaair Al-Hosseinia worth

By: Sheikh M Khurasani

HOLY CITY OF QOM, Iran: One of Holy Qoms grand Ayaat, Ayatullah Sheikh Al-Wahid Al-Khorasani, has belied reports which said that the Ayatullah criticized some Shaair Al-Hosseinia (doing chest beating, tatbeer to gush out blood, reciting noha and marasi, weeping etc to signify grief on martyrdom of Al-Imam Al-Hossein (AS)).

Iran newspaper, Ibrar, while reporting a meeting of Qom Hoza scholars with Ayatullah Khorasani had said that the cleric termed some Shaair Al-Hosseinia as Bidaah.

A source near to the cleric said the Ayatullah had not permitted publishing of any talk done in the meeting, and that what the papers reported contradict his thoughts and thinking.

Opinion of Ayatullah Khorasani has not changed regarding Arbain Al-Hosseini, the source further said.

The Ayatullah in his Dars Al-Kharej delivered lectures on suspicions and doubts about Shaair Al-Hosseinia condemning those who try to disgrace the same.

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