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  Updated: December 31, 2008

Sistani calls on leaders to take action on Israel Gaza aggression

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY NAJAF, Iraq: Revered Iraqi cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali as-Sistani voiced his condemnation of Israeli airstrikes into the Gaza Strip.

According to the Iranian Press TV report on Monday Sistani called on leaders throughout the Middle East to take action beyond criticizing the Israeli government for what is considered aggressive force by some governments.

"Arab and Islamic nations need to take a decisive stance, now more than ever, to end these ongoing aggressions and to break the unjust siege imposed on the brave people of Gaza," the cleric said in statements from his office in holy Najaf.

Hamas had declared an end to a six-month cease-fire against Israeli Dec. 19, launching a salvo of rockets into the southern city of Ashkelon. Israeli forces in response launched a massive airstrike on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip during the weekend, leaving at least 300 martyred. 

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