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  Updated: January 14, 2008

‘Tatbeer’ is not azadari but wasting it, says Ayatullah Khamenei

By: Sheikh M Khurasani

TEHRAN, Iran: Supreme leader of Iran Ayatullah Ali Al-Khamenei has said Tatbeer, or Qama-zeni (making a cut on head to gush out blood to signify grief on the martyrdom of Hazret Imam Hosein, peace be on him) is not permissible.

Speaking to a gathering of religious scholars, speakers of Hoseini pulpit and people of the holy city of Qom, the Ayatullah said: “iin mokhalefat ba azadari neest, mokhalefat ba zaya kerdan azadari ast…” [This opposition is not of azadari but of wasting azadari (Hoseini mourning)].      


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