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  Updated: July 30, 2008

Intl Ayyam Babul Hawaij end; terrorism against mourners slammed

By: Salman Alvi

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan: The Youm-e-Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.) was observed throughout the country with religious spirit, devotion and respect as International Ayyam Babul Hawaij on the call of Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi. Matmi protest demonstrations were organised and Taboot processions of Imam Musa Kazmi (A.S.) were taken out from all small and big cities, towns and villages of all the four provinces including Federal Capital Islamabad, Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas in which all schools of thought paid condolences in Bargah-e-Khatmi Martabat (SAAW).

Allama Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi addressing a Majlis-e-Aza organised by Khanwada-e-Moosviyan at Ali Masjid Rawalpindi said Hazrat Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.) was the leader of world of humanity and the practical symbol of courage and bravery and his only aim was supremacy of religion and Shariat. He said the enemies of Islam are afraid of real leaders of the religion even today and thus were using all tactics to suppress the universal message of Islam. He said practical following of the Awwah of Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.) was need of the hour to get rid of problems of and difficulties. Allama Shaikh Ejaz Hussain Madras, Mufti Basim Abbas Zahiri, Zakir Tasawwar Hussain, Maulana Malik Ijlal Haider Al-Haideri, Zakir Matloob Kazmi, Khateeb Aal-e-Ahmed Tariq Ahmed Jafri of Quetta, Madah Ahle Bait Syed Raza Kazmi, Syed Jone Ali Mashadi, Shahzad Hussain Sundi, and others also addressed the Majlis that followed Matamdari. Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi also participated in Majlis and Matamdari.

A resolution adopted on the occasion strongly condemned suicide attacks in the Kazmia area of Baghdad city of Iraq in which dozens of Matmis, Zaireen, women and children were martyred and hundreds of them were injured. The resolution said that unarmed Azadars were also attacked viz. bomb attacks two years ago on the occasion of Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.). The resolution made it clear that terrorism, whether it is committed in Iraq, Turkey, Kashmir, Palestine, India or Pakistan is naked act of terrorism and oppression and linking it with Maslak and country is itself an act of terrorism. Therefore, the comity of nations should condemn the same. Another resolution strongly condemned the Nato attacks in tribal areas of Pakistan terming the same an open act of interference. The resolution said that this issue may be raised at the level of United Nations. Another resolution expressed solidarity with the oppressed and expressed hatred against the oppressors the world over.

Khateeba Aal-e-Nabi Syeda Binte Ali Moosavi addressed the Majlis-e-Shahadat organised by Khanwada-e-Moosavi at Markazi Imambargah Jamia Al-Murtaza Islamabad. She said the pious Asswah of Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.) is the best example for freedom fighters and conscious human beings to follow. Ummul Baneen WF, Girls Guides and Sakina Generation performed security duties at the Majlis that followed taking out of Taboot Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.).

The main procession in connection with the Shahadat of Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.) was taken out from the residence of Syed Ghulam Haider Shah Kazmi and Anwar Hussain Shah Kazmi in Chaur Harpal which terminated at Darbar Aalia Sakhi Piyara Kazmi Al-Mashadi after marching through its designated route. Renowed ulema and zakireen addressed. A Majlis-e-Aza was held at Qasr-e-Kazmia Jassowal Syedan under the auspices of Anjuman Mujahideen-e-Hussaini. Allama Shaikh Ejaz Hussain Madras, Allama Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi, Zakir Zargham Abbas Bokhari, Allama Nasir Abbas, Zakir Sajjad Hussain Shumari, Zakir Musa Khan, Zakir Iqbal Hussain Shah, Zakir Riaz-ul-Hassan Layyah, Zakir Zamir Hussain Kazmi and others addressed. The participants resolved to support any line of action given by Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi for the promotion of mission of ‘Wila’ and ‘Aza’ and for achievement of religious rights of the Maktab-e-Tashih. Procession of Taboot Babul Hawaij (A.S.) was also taken out on the occasion.

Majlis-e-Shahadat was also organised at Qasr-e-Abu Talib under the auspices of Kazmi Brothers while Taboot procession taken out from the residence of M.H. Jafri terminated after reaching Qasr-e-Abu Talib. A Majlis-e-Aza was held in Mughalabad under the auspices of Syed Wajid Hussain Shah. Majlis-e-Aza were also organised at Qasr-e-Khadijatul Kubra Islamabad, Imambargah Zainul Abideen Satellilte town under the auspices of Anjuman Faiz-e-Punjtan (Women Wing) followed by Taboot and Matamdari. Allama Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi and others addressed a Majlis-e-Aza organised by Syed Maqbool Ali Shah Moosavi at Imambargah Sadaat Varyamall. Earlier, Taboot procession was taken out from the residence of Syed Maqbool Ali Shah Moosavi. Majalis Babul Hawaij were also organised at Imambargah Qasr-e-Imam Musa Kazim and Imambargah Sakhi Shah Nazar Deewan Badshah in Syed Kasraan followed by historic Matmi procession and Zanjeer-Zani.

Meanwhile, according to reports reaching the office of International Ayyam Babul Hawaij Committee of the TNFJ, Majalis-e-Aza were held and Taboot processions were also taken out in Peshawar, Kohat, Attock, Lahore, Quetta, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit, Faisalabad, Dera Ismail Khan, Bhakkar, Layyah, Dera Ghazi Khan, Multan, Sheikhupura, Sialkot, Gujrat, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Chakwal, Gujranwala, Gujjar Khan, Karachi and other cities.

Terrorism could be overcome by following in Imam Kazim (A) footsteps … Moosavi declares ‘Universal Babul Hawaij Days’

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan: The Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said that the era of Hazrat Imam Moosa Kazim (A.S.) was replete with bravery, firmness, and sacrifice in confronting with incidents and difficulties, and terrorism, oppression, brutality, problems and difficulties could be overcome by following in his footsteps.

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