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  Updated: January 5, 2009

Husseini mourners pouring into Karbala for Ashura

By: Ismail Zabeeh

HOLY CITY OF KARBALA, Iraq: To observe Ashura – the tenth day of Moharram when Al-Imam Al-Hussein b. Ali (AS) was unjustly martyred along with his 72 faithful companions at the hands of Yazidi forces – on the Husseini and Abbas shrines mourners continuously pouring into Karbala.

According to Karbala governor till-to-date some 100 thousand mourners from other countries have reached in this holy city.
From inside Iraq, some coming on foot holding black, green and red Alam (standards) and chanting ‘wa Husseiniaa’, some individually while some others in caravans reach in Karbala.

Showing their great love and rich devotion for the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (S), many mourners go to the shrine by crawling.
Throughout the way to Karbala, special big tents and camps have been formed to ease Husseini mourners with rest, food and drinks.

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