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Qamar-e-Bani Hashim: Abbas Bin Ali (a.s.)

By: Faez Karimi

4th day of Shabaan Al-Mo’adham is the birth anniversary of Alamdar-e-Lashkar-e-Imam Hussein (a.s.) and Taj-Daar-e-Aqleem-e-Wafa (the King of the Kingdon of Faithfulness) - Abbas (a.s.) bin Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib (a.s.). He was Abbas (a.s.) who represented Commander of Faithful in the battle of Karbala.

On the 21st Ramadhan 40 Hijrah, when Sayidul Awsiya Imam-e-Awwal Al-Imam Ali (a.s.) after being mortally wounded by Ibn-e-Muljim in the Kufa Mosque was lying on his death-bed and entrusting his children and dependents to the care of the his eldest son Al-Imam Al-Hassan (a.s.) - all except Abbas (a.s.). Seeing that his father had commended all but him to the care of Hassan (a.s.) - how he, a child of 12, had burst out into uncontrollable tears. His father, on hearing him sobbing, had called him to his side and given his hand in Hussein hand with the words:

“Hussein (a.s.), this child I am entrusting to you. He will represent me on the day of your supreme sacrifice and lay down his life in defending you and your dear ones, much as I would have done if alive on that day.”

When the whole world became refulgent with the rise of Qamar-e-Bani Hashim (moon of Bani Hashim) Abul Fadhl Al-Abbas (a.s), Al-Imam Ali (a.s.) asked Al-Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) to recite the adhan and the iqamah in the ears of the child. When he was in the arms of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.), the infant smiled and raised his arms. There were tears in Al-Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.)’s eyes. Was it because he knew that the child was trying to say: “O Maula I have come and will happily give these my arms and my life for you and Islam.” He luminated the entire universe with luminosity of faithfulness.

Abbas (a.s.) was born for Hussein (a.s.) - Hussein’s tongue was in Abbas mouth and Abbas (a.s.)’s life was sacrificed for Hussein (a.s.). Hussein was very dear to Abbas.

At the battle of Siffeen in the 34 Hijrah, Abbas (a.s.) was only eight years old. Al-Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) was fighting in the battlefield. When Abbas (a.s.) saw an enemy soldier approaching Imam Hussein (a.s.) from behind, he took a sword and rushed into the battlefield and sent to hell the enemy, at the same time crying out in a loud voice, “How can any one dare attack my Maula while I am alive.” He continued to fight maintaining his position behind Imam Hussein (a.s.). Muawiyah saw this and asked, “Who is that boy?” When he was told he was Abbas ibne Ali, he said, “By God! No one can fight like that at that age except a son of Ali!”

Abbas (a.s.) was an embodiment of handsomeness - that is why he was known as Qamar-e-Bani Hashim, the Moon of the family of Hashim – bravery, valiant ness, boldness, patience, endurance, grace, elegance and faithfulness – that is why he was called King of Faithfulness.

Just before Al-Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) left Madina, Ummul Baneen (a.s.) summoned all her four sons and said to them: “My sons you must remember that while I love you, Al-Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.) is your Master. If Imam (a.s.) or his sisters or his children get injured or hurt while you are still alive, I will never forgive you."

Abbas (a.s.) laid down his dear life in the arms of Al-Imam al-Hussein (a.s.). Abbas (a.s.) was heard to whisper softly:

“My master, I have some last wishes to express. When I was born, I had my first look at your face and it is my last desire that when I die, my gaze may be on it, too. My one eye is pierced by an arrow and the other is filled with blood. If you will clear the blood from my one eye, I'll be able to see you and fulfill my last dying desire. My second wish is that when I die you may not carry my body to the camp. I had promised to bring water to Sakina (a.s.) and since I could not bring her water, I cannot face her even in death. Besides, I know that the blows that you have received since morning have all but crushed you and carrying my body to the camp will be heart-breaking work for you. And my third wish is that Sakina (a.s.) may not be brought here to see my plight. I know with what love and affection she was devoted to me. The sight of my dead body lying here will kill her.”

Then Al-Hussein (a.s.) sobbingly said: “Abbas (a.s.), I too have a wish to be fulfilled. Since childhood you have always called me master. For once at least call me brother with your dying breath.” And Abbas (a.s.) was heard to whisper “My brother, my brother.”


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
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