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‘Why did my grandfather (p) kiss Hassan (p) on mouth…?’

By: Faez Karimi

A poem that presents condolence to holy Prophet (peace be upon him & his pure offspring) on the martyrdom of his beloved grandson Al-Imam Al-Hassan bin Ali bin Abi Taleb (peace be upon them) on 28th of Saffar al-Mozaffer, the second month of Islamic calendar:

O Sayyid al-Ambiyaa
O Khetem al-Morsalin
Prophet Muhammad (p)
You stood on the mountain
Dripping in blood from head to toe.
They threw rocks at you for
Daring to speak of Islam.

They called you mad, magician.
Then one got up
Declared you delirious
And said the Quran was enough.

Your second precious thing was
Not just discarded,
Left alone and ignored,
It was crushed
'They desire to put out the light'

First pained Fatima (p)
denied her rights;
and also
Fadak and Ali (p)'s leadership.
How can they believe in 124.000 unseen Prophets (p)
Unseen angels
But ignore the face of Allah,
The greatest proof,
'The Great Tiding'.

Then came Ali (p)
His beard drenched in blood.
A Christian wrote of him
Years later
“I cry for the history of mankind
That instead of a pen
Ali was given a shovel.”

Another Christian wrote of
Fatima (p) and cried so much
His pillow was soaked in his tears.
People actually console HIM
On Ashura.

I think of Hassan (p) vomiting
His liver out into a silver bowl,
Telling a tearful Zainab (p)
To save her tears for
Another bowl,
The one which held
Hussein (p)'s head.

I think of Hussein (p) crying to his mum
Saying “O mother! Does my mouth smell?”
“Of course not my child!”
“Then why did my grandfather (p) kiss Hassan (p)
On his mouth and me on my neck?”
If only he had known his fate Fatima (p)!

I cry for Zainab (p)'s torn veil
Abbas (p) riding ahead
Telling all travelers
To turn away.
While his head on a spear
Watched her giving a sermon
In front of a drunkard.

I never knew your tragedy Muhammad (p)
I never dreamt of the agony
You faced,
It seems to have somehow
seeped into me.

And like the Christian German
I cry for your lost rights,
'We desired to bestow a favor on those
Who were deemed weak in the land
And to make them the Imams and the heirs'.


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
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(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

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