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Remembering Hussain (p) is in fact commemorating religion, Moosavi

By: TNFJ Information Wing

Brethren in Islam!

Love and devotion with Prophets, Messengers, Aulia and Righteous Persons is a proof and verification of love with Allah. Dana-e-Kull, Khatmur Rusul (Seal of Prophets), Syed-ul-Mursaleen (Chief of Messengers), Sahib-e-Lau-Laak (If You O Prophet had not been there, I (Allah) would not have created the universe), about whom Allah says in Quran:

Say, if you love Allah, then follow me, Allah will also love you.

The same truthful Prophet (SAW) has said:

The one who loves Hussain, loves me and one who loves me, he love Allah.

Then said:

No doubt, the love for Hussain (A.S.) resides in the hearts of believers.

On what basis Prophet (SAW) keeps that much love for Hussain (A.S.), just because he is Nawasa-e-Rasool, and Farzand-e-Ali and Batool? No, that is not the only reason rather for the reason that Hussain (A.S.) is the protector of Sha’air-e-Islami (Islamic Signs), upholder of truth, reviver of supremacy, justice and fair-play.

Setting all distinctive links and possible relations aside that could be the reason of any individual’s status and love and devotion, he (A.S.) offered that great, unparallel and matchless sacrifices along with his 72 near and dear ones in the hot plains of Karbala for achieving the objectives of Nabuwwat, Risalat and Wilayat which are a role model for those who adopt the way of martyrdom and who struggle to achieve their rightful objective in the history of mankind.

As per saying of an intellectual, the history of every nation is the history of its elders, a nation that has no such elder persons keeps no history or the history of that nation is not worth mentioning or not worth written. And the great person who we bring amongst the men of history, by this way we not only keep in view an eminent personality like other men of history, but that is the most worthy figure in the world of men, in front of whom all names seem little, and he elevated his personality as compared to all these in a prominent way. And this is amazing because all Men of World are those whom the history identified or got them identified, and they spent their lives to achieve eminence.

But Hussain Ibn-e-Ali (A.S.) is that Aftab-o-Mahtab of the horizon of mankind who sacrificed his life for the supremacy of mankind. He is that Great Man whose birth provides argument for Apostleship of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), courage and bravery of Ali (A.S.) and honour and supremacy of Fatima (S.A.).

Hussain (A.S.) is the advocate and representative of human greatness, therefore, remembering Hussain (A.S.) and organising celebrations and ceremonies for him is commensurate with remembering not only one personality but remembering religion, Shariah, humanity and oppressed-ness (Mazloomiat), the lesson of which has the status of beacon of light for the whole oppressed world whether it is Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq or Chechnya. The lesson of Karbala is that there should be fear from God only.

Presenting greetings and felicitation in the respected court of holy family of Muhammad (SAW) and Aal-e-Muhammad (A.S.) on the occasion of refulgent birth anniversary of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.) on 3 Shaban Al-Moazzm, we reiterate our resolve to live and die like Hussain (A.S.), would neither bargain with the Yazidan-e-Asr nor would allow anyone to do so.

Foot dust of Servants of Chief of Martyrs (A.S.),
(Chief of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya Pakistan, TNFJ)
3 Shaban Al-Moazzam, 1425 A.H.
(19 September, 2004)


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
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(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

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