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Medina shakes... Prophet (p)’s daughter departs

By: Zaynab

In the last moments of her life, the time came for Fatima Az-Zahra (A) to tell her spouse the Commander of Faithful Imam Ali (A) her will. Therefore, she told him: “This is the last day of my life … my children … they will soon be orphans, without a mother!!”

Imam Ali (A) then asked her about the source of knowledge of this news (the day of her departure). She (A) told him that she had seen the Messenger of Allah (A) in her dream and he had told her that she was going to join him that night. She then asked Imam Ali (A) to execute her will.

He said: “Instruct me to do anything you wish, daughter of Allah's Messenger.” Ali (A) then asked everyone to leave the house and he sat next to her.

Fatima (A) started: “Cousin, you are not accustomed to me being a False-teller, un-devoted, or have I disobeyed you since I have become your companion?"

Ali (A) said: “Allah forbid!! You are more knowing of Allah, more devoted, more pious, and more honorable and more fearing of Allah than (to give me a reason) to reprimand you for disobeying me. Surely it is very painful for me to be separated from you and to lose you; but it is an inevitable destination. By Allah, you have renewed the sorrow I have just encountered with the death of Allah's Messenger; surely your death and departure will be a great calamity, but `to Allah do we belong, and to Him shall we return.' What a painful, bitter and sad calamity. Surely this is a calamity for which there is not consolement, and a disaster for which there is no compensation.”

Then they both cried and Imam Ali (A) embraced her head and said: “Instruct me to do anything you wish; you certainly will find me devoted and I will execute everything that you command me to do. I shall also put your matters over mine.”

She (A) said: “May Allah reward you with the best of goodness. Cousin, firstly I ask you to marry after my death… men cannot do without women.”

Fatima (A) then added: “I ask you not to let anyone who did injustice to me to witness my funeral, for they certainly are enemies of mine, and the enemy of Allah's Messenger (A). Also don't give them the chance to pray over me, nor to any of their followers. Burry me at night when eyes are rested and sight is put to sleep.”

Fatima Bint-e-Muhammad (A) was ready to meet her Lord. She bathed, than lay down in her garment... She then instructed Asma Bint-e-Umais to wait awhile and then to call her name; if there was no answer, this would mean that she (A) had departed towards her Lord.

Asma waited awhile, then called Fatima (A)'s name... but there was no answer;

Asma repeated the call:

“O daughter of the chosen Muhammad (A)!
O daughter of the most honorable of them whom women bore!
O daughter of the best of those who have walked on gravel! O daughter of him who was at `A distance of but two bow-lengths or (even) nearer” (a Quranic verse, (53:9))

...There is no answer... silence overwhelms the house ...Asma then proceeds towards Sayyidah Fatima (A) and finds her dead. At that point, Hassan (A) and Hussain (A) entered and asked:

“Where is our mother?”

Yet Asma uttered not a word!

Hassan (A) and Hussain (A) proceeded towards their mother and found that she has departed.

Imam Ali (A) was at the Mosque. Hassan (A) and Hussain (A) went to the Mosque and broke the news to their father. As soon as he (A) heard their words, he fell unconscious. When he regained consciousness, he said: “Who will console me now, daughter of Muhammad? You used to console me, so who will take your place now?”

The Hashimite women were then gathered to receive the news of the great calamity... Yes, the calamity befell them once more, while the blood was still flowing from the wound of losing the Prophet (A)...

Medina shakes...


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
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(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

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