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Moosavi in Baqi Demolition Day message signifies high status of SIGNS

By: TNFJ Information Wing

Brethren in Islam and Iman!

Beloved and everything linked to him is called the most beloved. What to say about Allah Who is the Creator of the Universe, Lord of the Worlds, and everything is not only in His obedience rather engaged in His glorification, praise and hymn

And every human being is desirous of Divine Love from the core of heart and soul, while criteria of love has been described in the Holy Quran in this manner:

If you love Allah, then follow me (prophet, peace of Allah be upon him and his pure progeny)

And to the Messenger of Allah (SAW), the most beloved personalities are Ahl-e-Bait (A.S.). Therefore, a saying of holy Prophet (SAW) goes:

O Allah certainly these are my Ahl-e-Bait (A.S.), my special and my dear. Their flesh is my flesh, their blood is my blood, whoever hurts them hurts me, whoever grieves them grieves me, my war is with him who wages war against them, and my sulah is with him who has sulah with them, I am enemy of him who keeps their enmity, and friend of him who bears their love. They are from me and I am from them.

And when the angels asked:

O Lord! Who are under the cloak?

Allah The Glorified The Exalted said They are Ahl-e-Bait (A.S.) of prophet hood and the mines of apostleship.

Then Allah The Glorified The Exalted said O My angels and O the residents of My heavens! Verily, I have not created high heaven and stretched earth and illuminating moon and shinning sun and revolving sky and flowing rivers and sailing sailor but in the love of these (Ahl-e-Bait, Progeny of Holy Prophet, peace of Allah be upon them).

That is why Allah has considered love for Ahl-e-Bait (A.S.) as Ajr-e-Risalat (wages of apostleship):

Worship is only for Allah:

It is your Lords decision that worship must be for Him alone

Worship other than Allah is polytheism but love is not polytheism. Love is linked with heart while display of love is made through deed.

The love for Khasan-e-Khuda (Selected Persons of Allah) in the religion and Shariat is equally similar during their lifetime and post-life era. Their death or martyrdom does not reduce their status in the sight of Allah rather it is increased, therefore like Quran, Sunnah, and signs were blessed in the era of the Holy Prophet (SAW), similarly these are a blessed and respectable even today.

Bait-Ullah (House of Allah), Safa, Marwah, Hajr-e-Aswad, Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Mualla are that great signs that imbibe the human heart with divine remembrance, therefore, like Sahaba Kibaar used to express their heartfelt love during his lifetime, respected everything related to the Holy Prophet (SAW), they also considered the same as respectable even after his departure. Considering these signs, graves and shrines great is in fact piety and piousness and considering the religious values as great.

If the outfit of Prophet Yousaf (A.S.), that was the sign of the beloved,

brings back the eyesight of Prophet Yaqub (A.S.) by putting it on his eyes then our all problems could be resolved by respecting these holy places that are called Shaair-Ullah.

Today, the Islamic World that is called Ummat-e-Wast would have led the whole humanity but on the contrary it is surrounded by the international colonial powers, Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Iraq are dark and deserted while death is hovering over the Muslim States. 57 States are confronted with fear and in this situation where do we stand? When we are going to be targeted? While Al-Quds Ash-Sharif is under the grip of Zionists, Babri Mosque stands destructed and oppression is going on in Held Kashmir. Struggle is going on for its achievement for the last half a century but in vain. The main reason of this situation is that Muslim States are confronted with anarchy and differences and people are deprived of their basic rights.

Saudi Arabia the soil of which is respectable for every Muslim rather every human being, Taghoot is bent upon trampling its honor. In this situation, the Islamic World, Muslim rulers, and Aal-e-Saud are under the high obligation to first of all facilitate the people, condemn all type of biases, arrange reconstruction and renovation of Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Mualla that stand destructed for the three-fourth century, and get Kashmir and Palestine liberated from the paws of Hindus and Zionists.

Islam is that complete code of life that presents solution to all problems of humanity and disseminates peace and tranquility, as it is its highest objective and target. Reconstruction of Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Mualla is included in the 11 demands carried in the May 21, 1985 Junejo-Moosavi agreement. Therefore, we fervently demand from the government to effort practically on diplomatic level for solution of this long-standing issue of the Islamic World and the humanity.

Restoration of dignity of the Shaair-Ullah Jannatul Baqee and Jannatul Mualla is prerequisite for solution of problems and rooting out of difficulties faced by the Islamic World otherwise we should get ready to face more difficulties.

Foot dust of Muslims,
Quaid-i-Millat-i-Jafaiya &
Chief of Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya (TNFJ)
8th Shawwal, 1425 Hijri
(November 21, 2004)  


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
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