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Hazrat Qasim (as) – coolness of Imam Hassan (as)’s heart

By: Zaynab Abbas

“My son Qasim! A day will approach when my brother Hussein will be facing an enemy army of tens of thousands. That will be the day when Islam will need to be saved by sacrifice. You must represent me on that day.”

These were the words of the grandson of holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (s.w.), elder Chief of the Youths of Paradise Hazrat Imam Hassan bin Ali Al-Mujtaba (a.s.) written in a letter, which he had given to his wife Hazrat Umm-e-Farwa before his martyrdom saying “If ever you find Qasim in difficulty, give him this letter.”

Hazrat Umm-e-Farwa (a.s.) gave Hazrat Qasim (a.s.) the letter in the burning plain of Karbala on Ashura, the tenth day of Muharram-ul-Haram, in 60 AH, at a time when she saw her son disappointed as Imam Hussein (a.s.) twice refused to give him permission to go and fight in the battle of Karbala, saying “Qasim you are young and your mother's only son.”

Hazrat Qasim (a.s.) while reading the words of his father Hazrat Imam Hassan (a.s.), the elder grandson of Chief of Prophets Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (s.w.), smiled. He rushed to Imam Hussein (a.s.) and gave him the letter. After going through the letter Imam Hussein (a.s.) said, “O my brother's son, how can I stop you from doing what your father wanted you to do?! Bismillah, go. Allah be with you”.

Hazrat Qasim ibn-e-Hassan (a.s.) was born on 7th of the holy month of Shaban Al-Moazzam, 47 AH, three years before his father was martyred. He was taken into care by Imam Hussein (a.s.). Imam Hussein (a.s.) and Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) trained Hazrat Qasim (a.s.) from this tender age and transformed him into a brave and courageous fighter during a short period. Standard-bearer of Husseini Army Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) specially devoted time in teaching him swordsmanship.

When Imam Hussein (a.s.) prepared to depart Medina in the month of Rajab 60 AH, Hazrat Qasim (a.s.)’s mother Hazrat Umm-e-Farwa (a.s.) asked Imam Hussein (a.s.) to take her and Qasim with him. Imam Hussein (a.s.) agreed.

13-year-old Hazrat Qasim (a.s.), grandson of Ali Al-Murtaza (a.s.), nephew of Abbas Alamdar (a.s.), son of Hassan Al-Mujtaba (a.s.) and son-in-law of Hazrat Imam Hussein (a.s.), was valiant, courageous and handsome in the outlook like the moon of 14th night.

His love for religion of Islam and Chief of Martyrs Hazrat Imam Hussein (a.s.), and desire for martyrdom could be judged from the fact that when Imam (a.s.) said that we all will be placed at the pedestal of Martyrdom, Prince Qasim (a.s.) asked whether his name would also be included in those martyrs. Imam (a.s.) asked him “Son, how do you find the death?” Qasim ibne Hassan (a.s.) replied: “Uncle, I see death sweeter than honey”.

Spirit of martyrdom and display of courage and bravery in Karbala presented by Hazrat Qasim ibn-e-Hassan (a.s.) is inclusive practical lesson for the youngsters fighting for freedom in every era.


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