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Da’abal, his poem and Imam Ar-Ridha (pbuh)

By: Zaynab

Poet of Ahlul Bayt, or the progeny of holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh&hp), Da’abal Al-Khazayee said, “When I wrote my well known poem admiring the family of Imam Ali (pbuh) and decided to proceed to Iranian city of Khorasan and present the poem to the eighth infallible descendant of holy Prophet (pbuh&hp) Imam Ali bin Mousa Ar-Ridha (pbuh) I undertook the journey, arrived Khorasan and recited my poem in the presence of the Imam (pbuh)…

A portion of the rhymes by Da’abal are translated as under:

When I saw the ruined house of the sons of the Prophet (pbuh&hp) I wept,

The house whose owners were ousted from those and hypocrites had taken their place,

The houses where one-day exegesis (of Quran) was explained,

Those were the places of the descending of revelation

but now because of the tyrannies of the criminals,

have emptied of the recitation of Holy Quran,

The owners of the houses

who were the inheritors of Prophet (pbuh&hp)

were considered the best men of the Ummah,

The men who helped the afflicted ones

and continuously they were taken to be their friends,

I see that their belongings and wealth are in the hands of the cruel ones,

Their benevolent hands are empty from their own wealth,

I salute to those stars of the sky of Imamate

who are sleeping in Kufa and Medina and Karbala,

Who have laid their lives for Islam,

There is a grave in Baghdad (Mousa Ibn-e-Jaffar [pbuh])

Wherein a pure and combatant Soul is lying,

The grave, which is one of the paradise.

Da’abal said when I reached this place Imam Ar-Ridha (pbuh) said: ‘I complete this poem by adding to it some rhymes.’

So, the Imam (pbuh) gives news of his martyrdom and burial in Toos. Imam (pbuh) said:

‘There is a grave in Toos too, which has awfully great tragedy and grief,

And burns the hearts up to the justice day,

And raises the lamentations and weeping of the people.’

Then Imam (pbuh) said, ‘Keep your poem concealed and secret, do not read it to anyone.’

Mamoon got informed about my coming there and reciting the poem for Imam (pbuh). He summoned me and desired that I may recite the poem for him. I denied having written any such poem. But Mamoon brought Imam (pbuh) to his assembly and in his presence he said, ‘Read out that renowned poem which you wrote about the worth and virtues of Ali's (pbuh) family before the Imam (pbuh) to me as well.’

I was forced to recite it. Mamoon apparently showed his pleasure and joy over it and gave me a prize. His minister Fadhl sent a good prize along with a horse for me. Imam (pbuh) too granted me a hundred dinars and said, ‘keep it, for one day you will need it.’

I said to Imam (pbuh), ‘I want a used shirt of yours so that when I die that becomes my coffin.’ Imam (pbuh) acceded to it and gave one of his shirts to me and said, ‘Keep this shirt as by it's benevolence you will remain safe.’ I said good-bye to Imam (pbuh) and moved upon. With the horse, which Fadhl had sent for me, I went out of Toos, with a caravan.

On the way thieves attacked the caravan and plundered and looted whatever the travelers possessed. Not very long after it, one of them who was obviously their chief came along riding my horse. He was reciting the rhymes of the poem written by me. I went to him and asked him, ‘Do you know whose verses are these?’ He said surprisingly ‘Yes Da’abal Al-Khazayee rhymes.’ I said, ‘Do you know I am Da’abal who wrote these rhymes?’ He showed amazement and did not believe my words. I said, ‘ask those who are traveling with me.’ The people of the caravan witnessed that I was the poet who wrote those verses. When he knew I was Da’abal, he ordered that all the wealth which was looted and distributed among themselves be returned to the passengers of the caravan as an honor to me and as the Imam (pbuh) had said that shirt became the cause of my freedom and that of my friends. They returned the wealth and looted properties to us.”

When Da’abal got free from the thieves he arrived Qum. People of Qum rushed to welcome him and requested him to recite the famous poem, which he recited to Imam Ar-Ridha (pbuh). Da’abal agreed and went to the mosque of Qum and read out his poem to them. People gave him lot of money. When they came to know about the shirt affair. They begged him to give that to them and take any amount of money for it. Da’abal did not agree. They demanded a piece of the shirt he again did not accept.

When Da’abal moved out of Qum, a group of young men closed his way down. They snatched the shirt from him and came back to Qum. Da’abal too returned to Qum and requested them to return him the shirt. But they did not accede to his request. Da’abal yearned for a piece of it. They acceded to this request. They gave him a piece of it for a thousand dirhams and he accepted (the deal) and then moved towards his homeland.

When Da’abal returned to his home he surprisingly discovered that the thieves had plundered his house leaving back nothing for him. He remembered what Imam (pbuh) had said while giving him a hundred dinars. He had said, ‘keep these you will extremely need them (a day).’ He carried the money to the bazaar and sold each dinar for hundred dinars and received ten thousand dinars.

During this period his wife got ill and her eyes developed dropsy (disease) and the physicians made him disappointed about her treatment. Da’abal tied the piece of the Shirt [which has given by Imam (pbuh)] to the eyes of his wife when he opened it the next day, she was cured.


Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
"Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you." MORE..
(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S)

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