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  Updated: February 19, 2005

 Both worlds are mourning…

Mohammed Al-Fouad

Once again, it is time of agony and pain
The melody of grief comes from every corner

The eyes of the mourners who hold generous
Hearts such as oceans
Have, once again, become the source of tears
It is from the sorrow of the spring that shrivelled
That both worlds are mourning
The vast oceans of sincere hearts
Have become stormy from the waves of grief
The grief…
On the darkest tragedy of the universe
The unlawful killing of the chief of youths of heaven
The injustice that made the tears roll down on the holy cheeks
Of Sayyid-ol-Ambiya,
Made his beard and head dusty with grief
The eyes of Sayyidos Sajideen wept blood
Yeah, the tragic event
made the 22-year-old imam an 80-year-old man
Both worlds are mourning…
For Hussein ibn-e-Ali (p)  

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