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  Updated: September 19, 2005

Out of darkness will rise a light A tribute to Imam Al-Mahdi (AJ)

Poet: Hayder Thamir Hassan Al-Kazaz
Sender: Nazram Kabuli

There will come a time where many will die,
When the ground will shake and the skies will cry.

But out of the darkness will rise a light,
A servant of Allah, full of wisdom and might.

A man who will change the world forever,
And unite all humans living together.

A man who will make the earth perfect and right,
Where it will be safe for all to sleep in the night.

A man who is kind, unfearful and strong,
Who does things right and never wrong.

His name is Al-Mahdi, the awaited one,
Hujja of Allah Lord of the skies and the sun.

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