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  Updated: July 29, 2005

Daughter of Chief of Prophets (p) in words of Ayatullah Khomeini

By: Muhammad Nurizadeh

The following is a part of Ayatullah Sayyed Ruhullah Al-Khomeini Al-Mousawi’s message about Hazret-e-Fatemeh Zahra (AS):

“If Hazrat-e Fatemeh were a man, she would be a Prophet. If she were a man, she would be on the place of the God’s Prophet. She was the essence of humanity.

“She was a divine creature who appeared in human body…

“…Hazrat-e Fatemeh (AS) was a woman who came up to all the prophets’ hopes and desires. She manifested all the honorable character and prestige. She was not an ordinary woman. She was a divine woman and the sign of humanity …She is the pride of the world.

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