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  Updated: December 4, 2005

Merits for visitors of Muhaddisah-e-Aale Taha (p)

By: Fatimah

Sayedah Fatimah Al-Masumah (sa) also known as Karimah-e-Ahl-e-Bayt (as) was the daughter of the seventh Imam from Prophet Muhammad (saww)’s progeny, Musa bin Jafar Al-Kazim (as), and sister of eighth Imam Ali bin Musa Ar-Reza (as). She was born on the 1st of Zilqa'da, 173 AH.

Prior to her birth, Imam Ja’far As-Sadiq (as) spoke of her status:
“Mecca is Allah's sanctuary, Medina is Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh & hp), Kufa is Imam Ali's (as), and Qom will be the sanctuary for one of my descendents; her name shall be Fatimah. Whosoever visits her sanctuary will be rewarded a heavenly paradise.”

Imam Ar-Reza (as) said: “Her visitors shall be endowed with paradise” and “Whosoever visits the sanctuary of Fatimah, will be rewarded a heavenly paradise.”

“Whoever visits her acknowledging her right, is entitled to heaven,” Imam Ar-Reza (as) said at another place.
Another Hadith of the eighth Imam about Sayedah Al-Masumah (sa)’s great status goes that “Whoever does the visit of Masumah (sa) it is as though he/she has visited me.”
It is excessively mentioned in a tradition that whoever visits Al-Masumah (sa) heaven is incumbent upon that person.
Her holy shrine is housed in the holy city of Qom. It should be mentioned that Imam Jawad's (as) daughters, Zaineb (sa), Meymonah (sa) and Umm Muhammad (sa), are also buried in Sayedah Fatimah Al-Masumah (sa)'s tomb.       

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