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  Updated: August 11, 2006

A tribute to Sayedah Zaynab (A), granddaughter of Prophet (S)

By: Zayd Al-Hassan

Sayedah Zaynab, daughter of Imam Ali Al-Mortadha and Fatimah Az-Zahraa, (peace be upon them, was martyred on Rajab 15 according to some traditions. Here is a poetic tribute to her:

Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength,
They killed your sons, your brother, your friends
and then they came and burned your tents.
Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength,
Oh my what courage you did show
Even as those fires did glow.
Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength,
To Yazid's palace were you dragged
With our sick Imam who was bound and gagged.
Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength,
Face to face with Yazid you said
How dare you treat the Ahlul Bayt so bad?

Lady of Faith, Lady of Strength,
Your role was clear, there was no choice
To save Islam you used your voice.
To this day we remember in the majalis,
That it was you who gave the start to all this
So we can never forget, you went to great lengths
Our Lady of Faith, Our Lady of Strength.

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