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  Updated: January 18, 2006

Ghadir-i-Khomm Album

By: Awad Al-Makrami

Ghadir-i-Khomm, located between the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah in the vicinity of al-Juhfah, was the place where pilgrims from different provinces would part company and take different routes for their respective homes. After performing his last hajj known as “Hojjat`ol Weda”, last prophet of God, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp) was returning home. As he arrived at Ghadir-i-Khomm, suddenly the signs of a revelation appeared. The voice of Archangel Gabriel was heard saying:

“O thou esteemed Messenger, impart the guidance that has been revealed unto thee”, * and in order to impress the urgency of the command, Gabriel went on to say:
“For if thou doeth it not, thou has not imparted His Message at all”;
and again in the same breath to allay his fears and misgivings the angel added:
“God will protect thee from the evil designs of men”. (Ch. 5 ‘verse 67)

On hearing this imperious command, the Prophet instantly motioned the muezzin (prayer caller) Bilal to stop and recite the Adhan with the words, “Hayya’ ala Khair il’amal” (hasten towards the best of deeds), for surely the acceptance thereof was to be a crucial event upon which the perpetuity of the Prophet’s Mission depended.

As the Prophet pulled up his reins, the whole entourage came to a halt. Those who had gone ahead were summoned back and those who followed gathered round casting inquiring glances at each other. The Prophet soon dismounted and ordered his followers to clear the ground. The pebbles and thorns that lay scattered about were promptly brushed aside. Others, on receiving his express directions, began to untie the saddles from the backs of their camels, and to pile them one on top of another so as to make a pulpit. The arrangements thus completed, the throng squatted upon the bare ground, some spreading their cloaks below to protect themselves from the burning sand, others holding up their handkerchiefs to shield their eyes from the sun’s glare, for it was nearly midday.

The people having clustered round the pulpit, the Prophet stepped forward and on his right was Ali, whose turban, black in color, with its ends hanging over both of his shoulders, was arranged by the Prophet himself. Then obeying the Divine Injunction to the letter, he addressed the multitude in the following memorable words.

“All praise belongs to God. In Him do I put my faith and from Him do I crave support. Him do I trust and His protection seek against the malice of our souls and evils of our deeds. The misguided have no guide save Him, and those who are guided by Him can never go astray. I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship save Him and that I, Muhammad, am His slave and Messenger.”

“O ye folk, behold, the All-knowing God has informed me that the days of my life are coming to an end and the time is fast approaching when I shall be called away from your midst towards the eternal abode. But you and I, each one of us is answerable unto God for all things. What then do you say?”

And the listeners answered, “we bear witness that thou hast done thy duty and never stinted to guide and advise us according to the Divine Will.”

“Then do ye bear witness”, asked the Prophet, “to the Unity of God and the Apostleship of this servant of God, who now speaks to you by His command, and do ye not bear witness that the resurrection and judgment, heaven and hell and the life hereafter are certainties?”

And they all answered, “Yea, verily Yea.”

“Now then”, continued the Prophet, “Listen to me carefully; I have been commanded to tell you that I will soon be taken away from your midst, but I leave unto you my Legacy of two grand precepts, each of which surpasses the other in its grandeur- God’s Holy Book (The Quran) and my Ahl-ul-Bait (my irrevocable Progeny, consisting of Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husain). Never shall they separate from one another until they reach me in Heaven at the Fountain of Kausar, and so long as you will adhere unto both my legacies, you will never be led astray after me. Therefore, O ye folk, it is my last Will and Testament unto you that you should always remain faithful to the Holy Quran and my Ahl-ul-Bait as true Muslims until death.”

By these portentous words all those who loved their teacher and benefactor were moved to tears.

And he continued, “Do not lag too far behind them and do not walk ahead of them, for in either event you will go astray. But follow them and walk in their footsteps and they will guide you along the Straight Path.”

Then he asked, “Who do you think is more worthy of obedience than your souls?”
And they answered, “God and His messenger know best.”

And he continued, “Lo! God is my Master, and am I not worthy of obedience from you?”

And they all said, “Yea, verily Yea.”

Then the Prophet bent down and lifted up Ali in his hands, showing him to the crowds on all sides of the pulpit, and proclaimed, “Mun Kunto Maulaho fa haaza Ali-yun Maulah Of whomsoever I am the Master, this Ali is his Master”. So saying the Prophet raised up his hands heavenwards and prayed, “O our God, love those who love Ali, despise those who despise him; support those who support him; sad reject those who reject him.”

Announcing this thrice, he got down from the raised platform, and seated Ali in a tent, where the people did him homage. Omar bin Al-Khatab was the first to congratulate Ali and to acknowledge him ‘Guardian of all Believers’ Saying

“Bakhin bakhin laka ibne Abi Talib Asbahta Maul ayee
Wa Maula kulla Momineen wa Mominaat. Greetings be to thee O son of Abu Talib! You have become master of mine and all believers, men and women.”

After the men, came all the women to congratulate Ali. At the conclusion of this installation ceremony, the Holy Prophet asked the congregation, ‘Have I not truly and faithfully delivered unto you the Message?’

And they answered, “Yea, verily Yea.”

Then the Prophet said, “Go now, and let those who have been present here today repeat and convey to those who are absent all that they have seen and heard.”

At this moment the Divine Inspiration again descended upon our Holy Prophet with the memorable words that read:

This day have I perfected unto you your religion and completed upon you My Blessings, and I chose Islam as your religion.” (Ch. 5, Verse 3).

Following is a little album of Al-Ghadir:

The nature of the land along the coastal line of the Red Sea

A sketch of the path taken the Prophet (PBUH and HP) in his historic Hijrah

A sketch of the borders/boundaries of the Miqat and Al-Haram Al-Makki

Al-Ghadir spring that might be the historic spring that was cited in history books in the context of the Farewell Pilgrimage (Hojjat`ol-Weda')

Al-Ghadir Mountain where waters run and valleys form in seasons of rain.

Palm trees that grew after stoppage of visitors and their eating of dates in the valley.

Valley of Al-Ghadir

(Pictures are courtesy of: Al-Tariq ila Ghadir Khomm, I'dad Kamal Sayyid, Mu'assasah Ansariyan li-Tiba'ah wa nashr, Qom, Iran)

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