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  Updated: August 20, 2006

Maxims of Imam Mousa al-Kazim (A.S.)

By: Nasim Razi

Imam Al-Kazim (peace be upon him) said: Anyone who acknowledges God should not complain when his earnings are delayed and should not accuse God of His acts.
Fear God and say the truth even if it will cause you to perish, for your salvation lies in telling the truth. Fear God and leave the wrong even if it will save you, for your perdition lies in telling the wrong.
Beware of depriving anyone in fields of obedience to God lest, you will lose two folds in fields of disobedience to God.
The believer is like the two pans of a balance the more faith he enjoys the more misfortunes he faces.
He who speaks in the Essence of God will perish, he who seeks power will perish, and he who feels self-conceited will perish.
The supplies of this world and the religion are difficult. Whenever you extend your hand towards any source of the worldly supplies, you will find out that a sinful has preceded you there. When you intend to obtain a source of the religious supplies, you will not find anyone helping you.
Four deeds are originated from extreme solicitude. They are eating soil, crumbling the clay, clipping the nails with the teeth, and biting the hair of the beard. Looking at three things improves the sight. They are verdure, flowing water, and handsome faces.
Good neighborhood is not abstinence from harm. It is to tolerate the harm (of the neighbors).
Do not take liberties with your friend. You should keep any quantity of respect among you lest you will lose pudency.
When injustice predominates over the right, it is unacceptable to expect good from anybody before investigation.
Try to divide your time into four parts. The first part should be dedicated to (secret) supplication to God, the second to seeking earnings, the third to associating with the friends and the trusty people who show you your defects and treat you sincerely, and the fourth to your legal pleasures. Through this part, you can manage the other three parts.
Do not think of poverty and long age. He who thinks of poverty will be stingy and he who thinks of long age will be acquisitive.
Learn the religious question, for jurisprudence is the key of intelligence, the perfection of worship, and the means to the high standings and the respectful positions in this world and the world to come. The priority of the knowledgeable over the worshipper is as same as the priority of the sun over the stars. God will not accept the deeds of those who avoid learning the religious questions.
The expiation of working with the (unjust) rulers is to treat the friends with kindness.
In the time of the just ruler, you should thank and he will gain rewards. In the time of the unjust ruler, you should tolerate and he will burden the punishment of the sin.
For the steadfast, the misfortune is one, while it is two for the impatient.

Source: Tuhaf al-Uqoul

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