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  Updated: August 4, 2006

A tribute to Imam Hussain ('a)

By: Navin Haider
Poetess: Safiya Teja

The Saviour of Islam
The leader of Islam
The hero of Islam
Hussein Hussein Hussein

You saved Islam by giving your life
The courage and patience you had in your life
To sacrifice your self was easy in life
Hussein Hussein Hussein

You gave your family but never complained
You had no water but never complained
Your family was tortured but never complained
Hussein Hussein Hussein

Without resting day and night
Fought with Yazid to show us the right
From the darkness life you brought us the light
Hussein Hussein Hussein

  "Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you."MORE ..  


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