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  Updated: May 8, 2006

A poetic compliment to the Eleventh infallible Imam (A)

By: Hasan Hadi
Poet: Dr. Hasan Najafi

In Medina the eleventh successor to the Prophet is born
And in a land far he go and will live forlorn.
His name: Hasan, his fame: Askari;
No one stands his like under the sky.
His lineage ends at Zahra and the Prophet
Alone in such a noble birth and divine respect,
Among the Imamís his predecessors
Hard was his task and difficult his endeavours.
Acquainted the people with the Imam behind curtain
Having had not seen yet to be certain.
Indeed hard, yet he accomplished;
The hidden Imam people acknowledged.
Ends and begins an era at him and from him,
He is the last, goes the Imamate into hiding after him.
His son is the last Imam in hiding,
Generally unseen, a confided eye to sight brings.
The Imam lived under a constant watch
Though tried but failed the Tyrant to get the catch.
Although they knew the existence of Mahdi,
But the grain is lost in the field of paddy.
In the house of the 11th Imam were stationed spies,
Such lives the Imam and on God relies.
Though behind clouds yet the star glittered
Like his circumstance, to no Imam occurred.
Your little attention, Oí Imam, will suffice
Having seen you a dieing man to die will entice.
See the grave becomes a cradle
Indeed, your love's riddle.

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