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  Updated: October 8, 2006

‘A thousand graces of Prophet’s in you shine’

By: Kamal Shah

Imam Hasan Al-Mojtaba (A.S.), son of Imam Ali (A.S.) and Hazrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.), first grandson of Holy Prophet (SW), and the Leader of the youth of Paradise, was born in the holy city of Medina on 15th Ramadan in third year after Hijrah.

It is a homage to the imam (A.S.) in poetry:

In spite of all worldly decays
These are happy days.
Imam Hasan is born to save
Humanity from a dreadful grave.
You show, you express
What a sin is in its glittering dress.
The stubborn stoics complain
What your patience endured the pain.
Your virtue feeds the mind,
At your example thrives mankind.
You in quiet and calm wait
Guidance it is to mankind towards a better state.
To your care so much we owe
Our graves well alive to tell you so,
With steps unceasing I pursue
You and you always in a fleeting view.
Your birth invokes mercies of the skies,
At your birth human wishes rise.
For our good echoes your voice
Your love is our measure and our choice.
You are the son of KA’BA, SAFA, MARWA;
You are the son of Ali, Zahra, Khadija.
At your name favours pour the mind
At your love passions go with the will resigned.
In your love grave becomes the happier seat,
Death becomes a happier passage to Divine Retreat.
Year follows year, decay does decay,
Your love from our breathe never goes away.
New forms arise, various views engage;
You are with us from infancy to dotage.
Your charity prompt at every call
You watch, you pray, you care for all.
Whoever comes to vilify turns to pray
Such your Truth, when at your lips, sways a sway.
Who rejects you is heaven’s foe
And has sunk lowest of the low.
To lick the dust at your feet
A pride it is indeed!
Charms every ear, gains on every heart;
Your name gestates with an endearing art.
Your name emits a brighter ray,
Adorns and cheers our way.
In a waste desert no path, in poles no shore;
Hence, every poor comes to your door.
Why to puzzle Right? Let vanish the wrong;
You are the theme of the centuries’ constant song.
No matter, unregarded I live, unlamented I die;
Worth enough it is a glance of you see I.
A thousand graces of the Prophet’s in you shine;
The Prophet of God carries with you a harmony divine.
We kneel and kiss the consecrated earth
That gave you Imam Hasan’s birth.
To your glittering eminence yield the foes,
Call your name and your name bestows.
Minds combat minds, repelling and repelled;
See how he gripped Mua’wiyah into the Treaty held.
In you the Truth bids the souls aspire
And from bosoms drive the sinful desire.
Your name is a wealth of climes to nations,
The bleak clouds response where charity shuns.
You exposed how he was worst
The servile Mua’wiyah, who in folly nursed.
Illustrious House! how bright your glories shone
You still rule the hearts without a throne.
Your treaty if with veneration read or heard
The perplexed Mua’wiyah in a maze of follies appear.
Virtue’s sorrow dignifies your grave without tomb
See how your enemies met a general doom.
Your love weaves net to catch hearts
Your love friends from enemies assorts.
Your love is a roving coin
It to you, you to it a catch ? angels join.
The heart once caught never is freed
In your love blessings are decreed.
Rest assured while dieing case shall smile
Your love a passage to paradise though sins in pile.
You are mightiest of a mighty line
In your heritage are all those from divine.
Whether a Prophet or an Apostle
Before you appears little.
Sinks the fabric of the world
In the pacific of your patience mute of a word.
The shoulders of a Prophet’s your seat
The back of a Prophet your seat
You are the Lord of the Youths of Paradise
From the slate of your heart verses rise.
Revenge in each heart, hatred on each brow
In such a circumstance you will have to grow.
Since heaven in you pictured
Your charms dazzle and hearts are captured.
Now where to find a kinder sky
To flutter in your love, in a tribute to fly.
The shady creted summit of your name
Shadows me too giving me an aim.   

  "Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you."MORE ..  


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