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  Updated: March 17, 2007

Father of Zahra (a) The Chief of Prophets (s)

By: Shah-e-Najaf

O Prophet of mercy and Imam of mankind

O Seal of the Prophets al-Mustaph the savior

Indeed the progeny had suffered what they suffered after your departing, distresses heaped up on them successively

when the people abandoned your wills

and described you as abandonment,

took their right by force

while group of them tore up all principles and set foot on.

Verily, to Allah and His holy Prophet

we complained of those who violated their sanctity

and made the progeny of the prophet hood and mission to suffer

pains and distresses.

O Lord, verily to you we are complaining losing of our Prophet

and occultation of our master,

large quantity of our enemies as well as fewness of our number,

distress of trial upon us

and demonstration of the age on us.

Accept our sadness and grief

on death occasion of the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers

Mohammed son of Abdullah peace be upon them. 

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