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  Updated: July 29, 2007

The Luminous jewel of Ka'ba

By: Javad Muhhadethi
Translated: N. Rafizadeh

Whose born is similar to Ali's (AS), who was born in Ka'ba?
Which birth, is like thirteenth of Rajab
that has bestowed a pearl in the shell of existence upon the universe?
Whose mother has given birth to a child like Ali (AS)?
Who was born and was martyred in Allah's house like him?
Which school has introduced an example like Ali (AS) to its followers?
Which religion enjoys a trainee and a trained person like Ali (AS? (
All through history where a leader like Ali (AS),
the manifestation of perfection, can be found?
Who was the soul of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
and accepted his invitation by all his heart?
Who slept in the Prophet's bed at the night of Hijra except Ali (AS)?
Which hero but Ali (AS) accepted to be wounded
by eighty injuries of love
for defending the friend of Allah,
Muhammad (SAW) in the Battle of Ohad?
Which man was worthy of Fatima's (SA) hand but Ali (AS)?
Which deep sea could be contained in Ghadir like Ali (As)?
Which leader could give holiness
and respect to leadership and Velayat?
Which exemplar is unique like Ali (AS)?
Which book needs not to be explained except Ali (AS)?
Which notebook has a prologue written by Allah
except the book of Velayat?
Which complete poetical work is composed by Allah except Ali (AS)?
The sun of Ali's (AS) love
makes the heart of lovers of virtue/superiority bright.
All the hearts belong to him.
Any guided soul makes the love of his light
as guidance in the way of his/her life.
Loving Ali (AS) is an alchemy that changes the hearts and lives.
The sun of loving Ali (AS) has glowed the world
beyond the layers of times and the clouds of centuries.
Why should not be like this,
as he was the essence of existence,
the summary of life,
the holder of paradoxes and superiorities
and the treasure of high values.
His name is the ornament of history.
It gives power to children when they want to stand.
It also bestows hope to disappointed
and makes the heart-broken people happy.
The hearts of heroes and generous people reflect Ali's face like a mirror.
He is as galaxy in greatness, honesty and submission.
Ali's (AS) Love raises up the spring,
donates the sun of brightness
and supplies the fountain of affection.
Ali's (AS) affection raises the orphans
and dehiscence them to blossom.
His patience calms the volcanoes.
His generosity calmed down
the tears of the sister of Amre ibn Abdevad when he was killed.
The generosity of Ali (AS) brought hope to Ibn-e-Moljam's life.
Ali's (AS) forgiveness caused his enemies to be extremely embarrassed.
His bravery eliminates the name of brave people.
His generosity clears the memory of Hatam Ta'aee,
the symbol of generosity in the world.
His presence interpreted the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
His prostration in worship was incarnation of submission.
Ali's (AS) lifetime expressed life
and his life gave spirit to existence.
His way was the pattern for going and existing.
Ali's (AS) speech made eloquence fruitful.
The behavior of Ali (AS) revived the Prophet's Sunnah.
His action made the Kufa's palm groves fruitful and green.
Ali's (AS) knowledge was the original fountain
of every science and knowledge.
His anger was a very flaming hell
for unbelievers (Kuffar) and hypocrites.
The decisiveness of Ali (AS) decelerated all swords.
His sword fell down on every enemy once.
The effect of his bereavement exploded the mountains
and changed the seas into hurricanes.
َAli's (AS) judgment gave justice true reputations.
His piety showed that the world is worthless.
Ali's (AS) leadership was the example of leadership
and pattern of statesmanship.
His Jihad (holy struggle) made the status of religion
firm and fix.
His innocence consoled all innocent people during human history.
Ali's (AS) complaints filled the wells of loneliness.
The tears of his eyes were
the whisper-made spring of silent prayer.
His prayer taught the Gnostics
the mystery of submission.
Ali's (AS) prayer and worshipping Allah
created Kumail of the world.
His agreement changed Malik of his own soul
to the governor of Egyptian of existence?
Ali's (AS) Ammar separated the right
and null in the battle of Seffin.
َAli's (AS) Meitham became the light
of guidance on the gallows.
Now the time witnesses the evidence of this eternal man
and the earth inherits his superiorities.
Ali's (AS) Ghadir is still a brimful spring of elixir of life
and a stormy sea of generosity.
The allies and bazaars of Kufa have still hold
his footprint track
and the voice of his speech in themselves.
The orphans of history have expected Ali's (AS) meal and bread.
Deprived people have still looked
for the generous hands of the Amir al Mu'menin (AS).
Our hearts are wells
full of his letters of irritation,
and the sunset reminds us of the 21st of Ramadan.
The effect of his bereavement is so tremendous
that explodes the mountains and agitates the seas.
Night is because of his separation still mournful.
Ka'ba has worn black clothes in his mourning.
The dark sky tears stars in his mourning!
But..."the gem of the Ka'ba" is always Luminous.

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