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  Updated: August 5, 2007

Is Al Qaeda An Islamic Organization?

By: Sohel Ajani

From the beginning of this world, according to Godly religions, there is the concept of protection and propagation of faith. This protection and propagation of faith is there in every religion which believes in book of God like Christianity, Judaism or any other. All these Godly religion believes in propagating their faiths in common masses to guide them towards right path, which is shown by Lord, the great. Today we can see the example of christen missionary which are working at many places. This propagator action of these religions is called as revolutionary action. This action is there in every Godly faith Christianity, Islam, or Judaism. All these religions have this concept in their basics.

Now in today's world, which is materialist and full of desires, there is no place for faith and its concepts. Today those who talk about faith and concepts are termed as extremist and outdated. Especially those that believe and follow certain faith is main target.

There are some Factors in this world who are trying to make it worst place for human being and they are trying to stop each and every person who wants to explore his spiritual thinking and belief. So the main resistances of this bad group are those who are following the path of belief and concept. So these bad factors have started degrading the name and image of the people who wants to think liberally. And they have started making many strategies on how to degrade the faith and its followers. In this row, they have degraded each and every person who is following faith or concept as orthodox, hardliner, conservative, etc. etc. etc., and portrayed them as bad people on earth.

As all of us know that if we are following certain faith or religion, then we have to follow the rules and regulations of that faith and these rules bound us from doing certain bad things and motivate us to do good things. If every person on this earth starts doing good things and refrain from bad thing, then the aim of these bad factor will get ruined. So to stop people from going towards faith the bad group is making all possible strategies.

One of the strategies is to make a group on the name of religion and then start defaming it. We can see the live example of this in terms of Taliban and Al Qaeda. All of us know that both of these organizations are funded and formed by US Administration for fighting with USSR. Osama Bin Laden is also one of the Puppet of Cold War eras who fought from the side of US against USSR. And after the defeat and breakdown of USSR, US administration is in search of some another enemy using which they can keep their own public with them. So they planned to utilize their own investment of Taliban and Al Qaeda, and has given them hardcore thinking which is contrary to the teachings of Islam.

Now they only started propagating this hardcore thinking and doings of Taliban to the whole world making them the bad and terming them hardcore. This was not enough; rather they termed the thinking and concept of Taliban as the original concept of Islam. So when we listen to the speeches of President Bush at the time of 9/11, we will directly come to know what they are trying to portray. Rather everything was strategized and the hardcore thinking was also invaded from their own side.

Letís judge the concept of Taliban & Al Qaeda and Islam. Islam portrays the message of "Respect difference of opinion" rather Taliban has never given respect to other opinions. They have humiliated many Muslims and non Muslims in Afghanistan. When we put our eye on History then we will find that in every era, the revolutionist movement in shia and Sunni are talking about unity among Muslims, we have examples of Imam Khomeni (Leader of Islamic Revolution of Iran, great Shia Scholar), Syed Hasan Nasrallah (General Secretary of Hezbollah, a Shia), Iqbal Siddique (Great Sunni Writer), Ahmed Dedat (Sunni Researcher) and many more. All these are talking about unity among Muslims. Rather Al Qaeda and Taliban are against Shias. After their take over in Afghanistan, they have killed thousands of Shias in their territory. And today also they are harming and killing shias in Iraq in the name of religion. Is this an Islamic movement?

The point here is clear that Al Qaeda and Taliban is nothing but the organization sponsored and funded by US Administration and all of us need to make this clear in our minds that they are only working for the benefit of US Administration and nothing else. And hence we can find the tape of Al Qaeda supremo Osama or his deputy Al Zawaheri is being released whenever there is need of US administration.      

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