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  Updated: March 20, 2008

Feast of Noroz in Islam

By: Zaynab Muhammad

Noroz, beginning of Persian year, is Eid Day, a day of great happiness and pleasure. It falls on March 21 and is celebrated throughout the Muslim world.

Holy Prophet Hazret Muhammad (S)’s sixth infallible descendant Hazret Imam Jafer Sadiq (AS) told one of his companions Moalla bin Khonays about Eid of Noroz:

“Certainly the day of Noroz is the day when holy Prophet Hazret Muhammad (S) in Ghadeer-e-Khomm took oath from people for wilayat (mastership) of Amir-ol Mo’mineen Hazret Ali ibne Abi Talib (AS) (saying Mann Kuntu Maulahu fa haa za Aliyunn Maulahu ‘whomesoever I am master Ali is his master’) … this is the day when Hazrat Ali Mortaza (AS) became victor over people of Neherwan … and it is the day when Qaim-e-Ahli Bayt (Hazret Imam Mehdi (AS)) will reappear.”

There is a tradition in Bihar-ul Anwaar:

Mansour, the second Abbassid caliph, had asked the seventh Imam Hazret Imam Mousa bin Jafar Al-Kazem (AS) to take seat so that people may present him Noroz greetings and gifts.

Seyed b. Taous, a great intellectual, wrote regarding Noroz that the start of universe was done on this day.

Ibne Fahd Hilli says:

“Noroz day is a valuable day, a day of grand status.”

In Tehzeeb Al-Ahkaam (Tusi), Mann la yah-zorhu al-faqih (Sheikh Saddoq), Al-Kafi (Sheikh Kolayni), there are a number of traditions which highlight importance and significance of Noroz.

Haj Sheikh Abbas Qommi writes in Mafateeh-ul Jinan Aamaal of Eid-e-Noroz which were taught to Moalla bin Khonays by Hazret Imam Jafar Saiq (AS).

Imam said the Aamaal are:
Take shower,
Wear clean outfit,
Perfume yourself,
Keep fast, and
A four-rak’at prayer.

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