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  Updated: July 28, 2008

Tears flow in your remembrance Al-Redha is now orphaned!

By: Nazzar Haidary
Poetess: Sahar Hussain

My restless soul pours forth its emotions,
dubbing the canvas of my heart,
with somber colors.
I announce it with supreme pride,
that you are my inspiration.
Your patience and forbearance,
is the legacy of the Prophets,
and your solace is Zainab's smile.
Oh Imam Musa Al-Kazim,
your love travels beyond the dark cellars,
across the cruel cages of the tyrant,
filling our wounded hearts with a ray of comfort.
My dearest Imam,
they can enchain our limbs,
and cast upon us immense torture,
yet; by God, none can confine our sentiments.
Tears flow in your remembrance,
as I draw on my canvas,
a bent figure; shackled.
May my parents be your ransom;
The prison soil carpets your little mosque,
and you, arraying yourself amid loneliness,
with remembrance of your Lord.
Behold Oh eyes of this world,
the dreariness of the prison,
does it not remind you of Kerbala?
Kazim - the one who curbs his anger,
lays on the bridge; unburied.
Come Oh devotees; Come Oh faithful lovers,
and receive your beloved Imam!
and weep on his solitude,
for Al-Redha is now orphaned! 

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