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  Updated: March 7, 2008

Advancing towards tomb of grandfather … projection of arrows

By: Ashraf Rizvi
Composed by: Sahar Hussain

A poetic tribute to Imam Hasan (AS) marking his martyrdom anniversary on Saffar 28:
The weight of beloved's coffin,
resting upon Hussein’s shoulder,
as he rushes through the venom of conspiracy.

Advancing towards the tomb of grandfather,
the green dome embracing him from afar,
and Hussein; his standpoint interrupted.

the projection of arrows - poisoned with hostility,
at his brother's motionless, silent frame.
and Hussein; detaching each mantle of hatred with tears.

he remembered his mother -
her warm lap enclosing him and brother Hassan.
and Hussein; his grasp tightened.

he remembered his father -
his cloak - the scent of pure paradise.
and Hussein; facing Najaf, his heart wounded.

he remembered his brother -
how the pieces of his liver laid on the basin - bare.
and Hussein; kissed the pillar of the bier in love.

a final glimpse at brother's faint complexion,
his pale, colorless expression announcing;
Hussein, brother Kerbala awaits you.

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