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  Updated: December 19, 2009

A tribute to Imam Hussain (a.s) by a Hindu Poet

By: Haidar Lucknawi

Even to this day, Hussain's name is well known
Hussain's name is common currency for all mankind

If he had come to India, we would have called him Bhagwan (God)
Every Hindu would have honored him in his pooja (worship)

There is no doubt that we (Hindus) worship idols
Indeed, we will kiss his grave with all our affection

For us sinners, there is the example of Hur
Hussain's cause brought Hur to the truth.

Muslims read the kalma of the Prophet
We Hindus have already read the kalma of Hussain

In memory of the thirsty (martyrs of Karbala), the waves lash on
The banks of the Gunga and Jumna remembering Hussain

Jai Singh, the fire of hell will never touch me
I am a Hindu but I love Hussain

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