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  Updated: January 03, 2009

"Islam must live, though I shall die" a elegiac tribute to Imam Husayn

By: Husayn Al-Maliki

In a time when Islam was under siege
The divine path was trodden low.
Due to injustice, Islam cried out
"Who will rise to meet this foe?"

A man, ONE man, his head held aloft
As a star amidst the barren sky.
With kith and kin gathered along
He rose to heed the stricken cry!

He reached the sands of Kerbala
Betrayed! Refused! Denied his right.
His intention pure, to save Islam
This man of God was forced to fight.

His infant child, martyred in his hands,
From his broken heart escaped a sigh.
But yet his purpose remained sublime
"Islam MUST live, though I SHALL die."

Pierced by arrows, he collapsed off his horse
Yet arose to offer his final prayer!
Abased in sajdah, thanking God
He was beheaded without a care!

From atop a spear looked this noblest of heads
Sacrificed so that truth may reign.
"Long live Islam!" voiced those silent lips.
Thus do we mourn you - "O Husayn!"

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