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  Updated: August 5, 2009

Seven miracles of Imam Sahibul Amr (ATF)

By: Yahya Ali
(Hadiqatush Shiia by: Moqaddas Ardbeli)

Muhammad bin Kufi has reported from (Hazrat) Imam Jafar e Sadiq (AS) that seven men will demand miracle from my son (Hazrat) Sahibul Amr (ATF):

First Miracle:
A man will demand miracle of (Hazrat) Ilyas prophet (AS) “Mavra un nahr”, and Imam (ATF), reciting “Wa man yatawakkal alallah fa howa hasbuh” will go from one edge to the other over the water of Dajlah, and even socks will not get wet. The man, seeing this will say he (ATF) is magician, and will deny the miracle. Imam (ATF) will speak to the water and will say it to drown the man. And he will flounce with restlessness for seven days in the water and will remain alive, and will cry that this is the requital of denying Imam e Zamanah (ATF).

Second Miracle:
An Isfahani will demand from Imam (ATF) the miracle of (Hazrat) Khalil prophet (AS). He (ATF) will order to kindle a great fire, and will enter the fire reciting “Fa subhan allazi beyadehi malakoot kulla shaye wa ilaihay turjaoon”, and will come out of it safely. That reprobate will say he (ATF) is a great magician. Imam (ATF) will order the fire to catch him (the man); the fire will push him towards it. And he will be ruined saying this is the requital of denying Imam e Zamanah (ATF) – the Imam of Era.

Third Miracle:
A man from Faris, when he will see the staff of (Hazrat) Moses (AS) in (Imam Mahdi ATF)’s hand, will demand the miracle of (Hazrat) Moses (AS) from Imam (ATF). Imam (ATF), reciting “wa alqe Asaak fa eza hiya su’banum mubeen”, will throw the staff on the earth and it will become a dragon. That reprobate will say “its strange magic”. Imam (ATF) will order the dragon to swallow the man. The dragon will swallow him, and his head and neck will remain outside (the dragon) from which a voice will come “this is the requital of describing the miracle as a magic and denying Imam e Zamanah (ATF) – the Imam of Era.”

Fourth Miracle:
A man from Azerbaijan will say to imam (ATF) that if you are Imam then order this bone to speak, and show the miracle of (Hazrat) Khizr (AS). Imam (ATF) will pray and the bone will speak: “O’ the Imam of era, pray for my forgiveness”. But that man (reprobate) will say this is an open magic. He will be executed, and he will remain saying, “this is the requital of denying Imam e Zamanah (ATF) – the Imam of Era.”

Fifth Miracle:
A man from Amman will say that iron becomes soft in the hand of (Hazrat) Daoud prophet (AS). If the iron becomes soft in your hand as well I will acknowledge your imamate. Imam (ATF), taking iron in his hand will soften it but the man will deny. He will be killed saying, “This is the requital of denying true Imam (ATF),” by that very iron.

Sixth Miracle:
A man will say to Imam (ATF) arrogantly and boastfully that the knife was not proved effective on the throat of (Hazrat) Ismail (AS), I consider it a miracle of (Hazrat) Ibrahim (AS). Show this miracle. Imam (ATF) will say to him move knife on the throat of so and so. Therefore, the man will move the knife and it will not effective. Even this he will say its a magic. The knife, moving itself on the man’s throat, will kill him.

Seventh Miracle:
An Arab will demand from Imam (ATF) the miracle of his (Imam’s) grandfather Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). Imam will call a lion and get it bear the witness of his imamate but even then that Arab will deny. Imam (ATF) will order the lion to swallow the Arab. Therefore, he, saying, “This is the requital of denying true Imam (ATF),” will reach in the stomach of the lion.

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