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New look of the Jafariya webpage

Date: 19/02/05
salam alaikoum!

You did a great job with the new look of the webpage, its really professional and you are my main source for islamic news in the world.

keep up the good work,

may Allah be with you ,



I' sorry

Date: 14/02/05
I m sorry to read that on ur website u have shown a picture of Islamic centre of England but u haven’t mention a single word that mullana jan ali kazmi is reciting there and mullana m abbas shoumali there for English, this centre is head office of walie faqee Ayatollah Al Khamenie in whole Europe


I hope its done my mistake

Take care

Hasan Kazmi



Want to know London Juloos location

Date: 17/02/05

please help me I just came in LONDON, plz tell me the addresses of Imam Bargah's and tell me the location in London when the JULOOS will be gone.

Thanks my brother
Ya ALI Madad
Allah Hafiz

SYED ali


Jafariya News doing real good work!!! Masaeb of Hazrat Zainab (AS) needed

Date: 24/12/04

Asalam alaikum,

My name is SYED IMTIAZ HUSSAIN from INDIA. I am 21 years old.

Mam I have visited your website and I must say, that you people are doing real good work. Keep it up.

I was looking for MASAYAB of HAZRAT-E-ZAINAB (a.s), but I could not manage to find the exact link or may be you don’t have that on your Website.

I would like to know if there is any link on your website through which I can access MASAYAB of HAZRAT-E-ZAINAB (a.s).

I would be glad to receive a reply.

Thanking You
Syed Imtiaz Hussain


Letter: Syrian Vision

Date: 15/02/05

President Bashar al-Asad needs to stop living as the scion of his father’s legacy and start living as a servant of his people. He will start by releasing all political prisoners and ending the state of emergency that has kept the Syrians living in fear and oppression since 1963. Freedom of speech and all of the other freedoms that come with having an elected un-corrupt government that is serving the people that elected it instead of their own bank accounts will be what the Syrian voters expect from their new reformist government.

He needs to stop focusing his energies on maintaining consensus among competing interest in his regime and focus on creating a centralized power to unite the semi-autonomous institutions under a new elected government. The entrenched stagnation and resistance to change by the people in power now must be changed by progressive replacements with “new voices” in order to start down the road to a free society.

Why should Europe and the United States have to use carrots and sticks to bring about an elected un-corrupt government when the President should declare free and fair multi party elections himself? He should sit down and fill his computer with ideas on the fastest ways to bring about an un-corrupt democratic and multi party government.

The new millennium is here and the 6 billion people in the 246 countries and dependencies in this world demand freedom and un-corrupt elected governments that are serving them and not themselves. The time is long overdue to get rid of oppressive governments in the world and all of the human beings on this planet will be free to say what they want to say because the new way of the world is for all humans to be free and happy not oppressed by people they have no power over. Everyone on earth will rise up and demand free, fair and multi party elections and un-corrupt governments, Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gist Finley Combs


Want to know schedules of majalis e aza

Date: 14/02/05 21:16

I want to know the schedule of azadari at Mehfil-e-Zainab (Paris Nord Jamat) 19-avenue Gabriel Peri 93120 La Courneuve France. I'll be obliged if u send me the time for the ten days majalis and matam.



Need Screen Saver

Date: 10/02/05 02:15


With Allah's help you have developed very good site. Lot of work has been done. May Allah Bless you.

I would like to know from where I can get Screen Saver of Shia Holy

sites(pictures). Please let me know I looked at your site, if you have a link then let me know.

Thank you.
Syed Shamsi


Letter: Like to make knowledge with Jafariya News

Date: 09/02/05 10:31


My name is zaidi zohir, of Algerian nationality wilaya of jijel. I found your name when I made a research by the name "zaidi". I like to make knowledge with you. To contact me PLEASE my e-mail is

zaidi zohir



Date: 04/02/05

Asslamu Alykum


I'm trying to find a contact number for Quari Abdul Basit, Could you please help


Shazia Shaheen
Head of Accounts
Cabot Car Hire Ltd.
Direct Line: 020 7536 2185
Reservations Line: 020 7531 6000
Accounts Line: 020 7536 2195
Fax: 020 7536 2189


Election posters

Would like to purchase posters from the recent January election. Do you know whom I could contact?

Thank you
T Keeling


Some information required…

Date: 26/01/05 20:45


I require some information sir

I live in the UK and for many years I haven’t been out religion I would like to no kalama and namaz if u can write to me back as soon as possible as I want to bring my faith back.

Yours kindly
shahid jafariy


Letter: Lal Shahbaz Qalander

Date: 15/01/05

Dear Sirs,

I will be great full if you please provide me the full history of lal shahbaz qalander, as i need it very urgent. As the person who is living in Canada wants to visit sehwan sharif as soon as possible. Also of his life and what he did for Islam.

Please treat as a most urgent.

I shall be very grateful for your kindness.

Thanks N Regards
Sajjad Hussain Lilani


Urgent request for upcoming Iraqi elections

Date: 10/01/05 07:36

Assalamouaalaikoum wrb

Respected brother,

I am a shia sister living in Australia and i would like to seek your help concerning the upcoming iraq elections. Please read the following paragraph which has been posted on www.shiachat.com by an iraqi shia brother who is urgently looking for a contact number.

JazaakAllah khair

fatima alzahra

Posted by Aabis of Hussain: "assalamu alaikum WRB

I am from the state of Western Australia.
we have been denied an election center for the coming iraqi national assembly elections, which means we must travel more than 3500 km to melbourne and sydney and cast votes there.
We are trying hard to force authorities in the out of country voting progarms to establish a center for us..
we need your help.. if any one has or can obtain the contact details for FAREED AYAR the spokesman for Independent Electoral Commision of Iraq.. please forward them to myslef.
my eamil adress is mhfa2000@yahoo.com 
my mobile number is +61432104668
Any thing relevant is welcome , so please do not hesitate in helping us in our fight for true , legitimate freedom.

Thank you all


Letter: appreciation for Jafariya News, query on distinguished days fasting

Date: 09/01/05 07:35

Assalamun Alaykum

I just wanted to ask a question about something you mentioned in one of your articles.

In your article about dahwul ardh, you said that there are four days which are distinguished for the excellence of fasting and one of them was dahwul ardh.

I just would like to request that you e-mail me and tell me what are the other 3 days which are distinguished for the excellence of fasting on the.

Also i would just like to say that the website you are running is really useful and the articles interesting.

Once again i would be grateful if you could email me as soon as. My email address is gangji91@hotmail.com 

Musaddiq Gangji


Live like Ali die like Hussain

Date: 06/01/05

Always live like Ali die like Hussain
Muhammad took Islam to world
Ali has spread it in world
Hussain has saved it for the nation



Letter: Tsunami Disaster

Date: 01/01/05 22:26

The souls of the 125,000 + victims of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean are with the Holy Universal Divine Spiritual Higher Power. Seeing pictures of the weeping relatives of the deceased is quite heart wrenching. The vastness of the human suffering shown in meticulous detail gets hard to watch it is so devastating.

The TV coverage of the human suffering has had the positive affect of getting people to donate more money than in the history of the world thanks to computers. There being a warning system in the Pacific Ocean but not the Indian Ocean was a human choice. Surely there will be a tsunami warning system put in place now. Debating the preventability of this disaster will not bring anyone back and it certainly won’t change the killjoy affect the grieving people on the TV are having on us.

With the polar ice caps melting and the weather getting more extreme every year, human beings all over the world must start getting better prepared for the increasing natural disasters we are facing. My heart goes out to the relatives of the 125,000 + victims. This disaster has made me realize how much I care about other human beings everywhere.

Gist F. Combs


Iraq Elections: VOTE, and become independent!


The Sunni’s need to get it together quickly to keep from being left behind in the upcoming elections. Of course if they don’t manage to get it together in time for these elections, there are always the next ones. As the elections come and go over the months and years whether or not the candidates are Sunni, Shiite, or Kurd will matter less and less to the voter.

Without a brutal murdering totalitarian government, the only way Iraq can stay together as a nation, and become the Arab country their neighbors want to be like is to be a real democracy where the Sunni’s, Shiite’s, and Kurd’s share the country with a democratic format.

It will be a shame if the Sunni’s don’t get it together in time for this set of elections, but why should 80% of Iraqi’s hand the forces of oppression a victory by putting off the elections? I was listening to the BBC and heard a bunch of appeasement talk about giving the forces of oppression a victory by postponing the elections.

I understand we are paying the price for removing the brutal murdering dictator that used to shoot POWs in the head with his pistol for sport, from power and now have to help the Iraqi’s fill the vacuum before the coalition forces can leave Iraq’s security in Iraqi hands again.

A lot of Iraqi’s want us to leave. This is all the more reason to have the elections on time so Iraq can become independent again. The Iraqi army and police need to toughen up and stop running from the forces of oppression and start fighting back offensively. The sooner the Iraqi army and police become independent, the sooner the coalition forces can leave. Then the Iraqi’s that don’t want them there anymore will no longer have to look at anything but Iraqi army and police.

The Iraqi army and police becoming independent again must start with electing a government for them to fight for. So get it together Sunni’s, Shiite’s, and Kurd’s and form a government so the coalition can leave. VOTE, and become independent!

Gist F. Combs


Letter: It is not a holy war

Date: 03/01/05

The main world struggle now is not between religions but their bottom line (justice). It is a struggle between the oppressors and rich against the oppressed and poor. In most governments dictatorial or semi-dictatorial the politician-business alliance work hard to maintain its greed to power and money. It is a struggle between those who believe in honest governments, true democracies, justice and good living conditions to every one in the earth and those who do not do what they preach. For this reason I suspect some people in the American government will not like to have my voice heard. I never had any connections with terrorists/Jihads groups and they have my green card delayed by the Home Land Security. Remember this is the same government that told us that there is a link between Saddam and El Quada before they invaded Iraq. Besides they are the friends of the most terrorizing regimes in the Arab world so they can cook any fabricated intelligence information if they want to. Thanks God I am in America under the protection of the FBI and CIA most agents are honest and patriotic Americans. Many politicians in America are have great integrity and independence. I enjoy in America as well the independent media and judiciary system.

maged yaman


Help preserve the old handwritten Quran

Date: 26/12/04

I read an article on your website: 'Save China's oldest hand-written copy of Quran' By: Khadija Chinese. How can we help with the preservation efforts?


Best regards

Mahmud Khan


Regarding brother Qaisar Naqvi letter


Regarding brother Qaisar Naqvi letter dated 21/12/04

It seems that brother Qaisar Naqvi has visited jafariya news for the first time, otherwise he would not have written “Sir you have ignored writing about Ayatollah Hafiz Basheer Hussain Najafi, zaeem hoza ilmia najaf. Maybe he is Pakistani by birth that is the reason???????”. Brother naqvi must have known that Pakistan’s biggest organization’s news items and activities are given coverage on this site. I would like to say that it was jafariya news through which I got introduction of Ayatollah Hafiz Basheer Najafi and first time gone through his photograph.

Jamshed H. Gardezi


Letter: Ignored Ayatollah Hafiz Basheer???

Date: 21/12/04

Sir you have ignored writing about Ayatollah Hafiz Basheer Hussain Najafi, zaeem hoza ilmia najaf.

Maybe he is Pakistani by birth that is the reason???????

Qaisar Naqvi



Date: 12/12/04

Please could you help me in finding any mojeza of our Imams? I would appreciate it.

Thank you
Safina Hussain



December 07, 2004

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hello. Sorry for taking your time.

I need any articles, essays, critiques, analyses, comments, treatise, theses, etc relevant to the status of translation of Persian books into foreign languages especially English in post-revolutionary Islamic Iran. Due to some technical problems I failed to explore your databases.

Would you please do a favor for me by providing me with such works? Otherwise, could you please forward my inquiry to any potential persons or sites that may help me?

So many thanks in advance for your kind attention and prompt measure.

Please use these email addresses to contact with me: alireza.karbalaei@gmail.com  ; alirezakarblaie2003@yahoo.com 



Asking about Prophet Muhammad (p) movie

Date: 08/12/04

Where they playing this movie, I live in California USA

Sam Haider


Letter: God Bless America

Date: 01/12/04

When publishing an article about America, you should get someone who actually lives in the country to write it. The person who wrote the article entitled “God Bless America” has very little knowledge of American history and therefore should not be considered a reliable source for such an article concerning political and historical ideals of the United States. The author’s arrogance in assuming that 40% of the Americans who claim to be “re-born” are fundamentalists is ridiculous and shows once again their lack of knowledge of the Christian people of this country.

As for calling a leader of the most advanced and truly free country in the world an “ignorant man” is an extreme remark and one made with lack of knowledge not only insulting him and his family but also a nation. If this person who teaches in China is as neglectful with facts and knowledge I would have to submit that they have no right teaching. Teaching is for giving the facts to students and letting them make up their own conclusions about what they believe. It should not be based upon biased opinion…stick to the facts for that is where truth is.

Thank you for your time and efforts and for any remarks you would have. We all deserve freedom of speech and so I do think that the author wrote freely, although as you can see I don’t agree with them.

God Bless,
J Stewart


Imambargahs in Scotland

Date: 28/11/04

Are there any imambargahs in Aberdeen Dundee & Edinburgh? If so please provide me address or tel. no.



Persecution of religion

Date: 29/11/04 17:01

Dear Sir,

As you will see this is persecution of religion, not prosecution. Here in Houston a lot of Pakistani people were arrested all were from Pakistan or India, that were indicted of making a false claim of citizenship on sba. Not that they themselves checked it off, that is not the case. Mostly all were computer checked and most all loans were Bank united, which converted over to Washington Mutual. Only 2 viet brothers were arrested because of prior fraud cases. Other than that no others however 4 Koreans should have been charged but weren't. please go find at courthouse Selective Prosecution Motions. Investigate you will see.

Allah Hafiz



Please help me to find my mother

Date: 21/11/04 03:34

Please can you help me to find my mother, I was born in Dammam in 1970 my father took me to Africa when I was 4-5 years since than never seen or hard from my mother.

Now I live in Bristol UK. My name is Samira Muhammed Murshed, my mother's name is Shamma Sauud, my grandmother's name is Nura, mum sister is Fatma, mom brother's Lazim, Salum, Abdullah.

If you get any news from this family please contact me on this address 126 TWINNELL HOUSE, STAPLETON ROAD, BRISTOL.BS5 0QB.

My email is himdanty2003@yahoo.com.
Mobile no (0044) 7761180735.
himdanty marshedy


Comments on ‘Raise your voice- open your eyes’

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004

Mobaligh-e-Aaza Janab Aslam Hashim Sahib quote his comments:

We will never support the deal and conspiracy against the azadari and you believe those who are using shia platform for their personal interest are not Shia, insha allah soon we all shia will be united against the anti-azadari fraction.

I hope that you and your supporters will agree with the above.

Thanks keep in touch.
From: haideralimotiwala@hotmail.com 



Muntakheb Ul  Aqwaal
"Abstain from an action which you will have to do covertly and secretly and which you feel ashamed to do openly. Refrain from a deed which you will have to accept as evil or bad, or for which you will have to tender an apology or excuse".
(Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib (A.S))


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