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Felicidades (Congratulations) from El Salvador

Friday, June 02, 2006

En el Nombre de Dios, el Compasivo, el Misericordioso

Enviamos nuestras felicitaciones al Imam Muhammad Al Mahdi (AS), a nuestros sabios y sabias, y a todos los y las creyentes del mundo en este aniversario de la mayor mensajera de la Revolucion Hussaini, la hija de Amir Al-Mu'Minin Imam Ali Ibn Talib (AS) y Fatimah Az-Zahra (AS)

Sayeda Zainab Al-Kubra (AS)

quien naciese el 5 de Jamadi Al-Awwal, del ano 5 de la era islamica, de acuerdo a una narracion.

En esta feliz ocasion tambien deseamos anunciarles
las nuevas publicaciones electronicas del Centro Cultural Islamico "Fatimah Az-Zahra"
para el mes de Junio/2006

Comunidad Islamica Shiita de El Salvador

Ali Amir Al Mu'Minin (P)

Debate Libre en el Islam de Mohammadi Rai Shahri

Que Dios Bendiga al Profeta Muhammad y a su Descendencia Purificada por Completo!


Comunidad Islamica Shiita de El Salvador

Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) in the sight of a Sunni Scholar

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

As Salamu Alaikum,

Please review these views from Ahlus Sunnah sources. One article is in favor of the Iman of Hazrat Abu Talib (AS) and the other in regards to the commemoration of Imam Al Husayn (AS) on Ashura.

It should be noted that these articles are from Sunni Naqshbandi sources and were written by a major Deputy of the worldwide leader of the Naqshbandi tariqa, Shaykh Nazim Adil Al Hakkani, Sayyid Ahmed Amiruddin-Al Husayni.

Both of the above individuals are Sunni, Sufi-Sayyids and Shaykh Nazim has millions of followers throughout the world, including the Sultans of Malaysia and the former President of Indonesia and the Sultans of the UAE.

Here are the links to these articles and their websites, kindly review them and promote them for the sake of unity.

Regarding the Beliefs of Abu Talib


Regarding the Commemoration of Imam al-Husayn on Ashura
Qutb Shahi


Sunday, April 30, 2006

I am Parvez Merchant from USA originally from Bhavnagar, Gujarat India. Please add in your free member information to Bhavnagari.com Our ultimate goal is to bring everyone closer to Bhavnagar even if one is far apart. Please join us and reply with what other information would you like to see on bhavnagari.com. If you don't wish to add your address please add word "Private" in address field.

Looking forward to seeing you online. We are also going to have future member chatting section, message board, find Lost friends, etc.


Why you don’t criticize Muslim countries that insult Islam?

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Editor jafariyanews!

You cry for Muslims, Islam and oppressed while criticize the non Muslims for committing oppression against you and your religion. My question is this why you don’t criticize your Muslim fellows and Muslim countries that are insulting and committing oppression against Islam and Muslims. The publication of this article “Shame of the House of Saud: Gasoline on Prophet’s Mother (s) grave, toilets built on Sayyedah Khadijah (s) house “ is a courageous step that is insisting me to write this letter to you and ask the Muslims that why they are silent now over the insult of your holy sites that is being committed by a Muslim Country. Earlier holy sites in Iraq were damaged and what happening in Iran now, stories of their crime would be revealed. If you have modesty then raise your voices against these crimes too as you do against Hindus and Jews for Al Aqsa Mosque and Babri Mosque. O Muslims, beggars of Justice from others do justice first. If you want peace and justice in this world then I hope that you will place my this post on your website otherwise I have right to consider that your cries for establishment of justice in this world is a jest only.

Amrita Gandhali         

Two sides of picture…..Israel should be "wiped off the map: Iran president; Israeli experts help rehabilitate Iran's quake-hit areas

Monday, April 24, 2006

Hi Editor jafariyanews!

You and your site the promoter of Iran, here let our Jewish community satisfy about the dual standard of your Iranian government. According to news by AFP agency While Iran repeatedly threatens to destroy Israel, the Islamic state has recently hosted experts from its arch rival who helped rehabilitate areas devastated by earthquakes. The services of the three unnamed men, who are employees of a Tel-Aviv based company, were requested by Tehran through a Dutch contracting company which is itself partly owned by an Israeli, the mass selling Yediot Aharonot reported Sunday.The experts examined ways to reinforce certain infrastructures, such as bridges, roads, sewage and pipes which had been destroyed in the massive earthquake which struck south-east Iran in late 2003.Iran and the Jewish state had close economic ties before the 1979 Islamic revolution, with Israeli companies playing a central role in the construction of Iran's modern infrastructure. "We arrived there with blueprints which are still in Israel. Several years ago we were instructed by then infrastructure minister Ariel Sharon to hand the Iranians parts of the Israeli infrastructure plans there following an earthquake," one of the experts said. The three Israelis, who had deposited their passports in the Netherlands and were given special laissez-passez which did not disclose their nationality, were received and hosted by Iranian officials, the report said. According to the experts, indirect commercial ties between the two rival states have flourished during recent years and today involve tens of millions of dollars in commerce as Iran buys Israeli-developed agriculture materials and know-how. During their visit, the experts visited and celebrated the Jewish festival of Passover with members of Tehran's small Jewish community. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has recently branded Israel as a "tumor" which should be "wiped off the map".

Would you still think about jews and our Israel should wiped off the map????? If yes then change your dual standard and your mean interests first.

Hillel Zahavit

Islamic books needed

Monday, April 24, 2006

hi sir ya ali madad are fin sir please some Islamic books & pic this address sayed safeer hussain vaqavi markzi imam barhga khirpur nathan shah dis tic dadu sindh pakistan sir please please

oky by
ali ali
safanmore shah
email safanmore@yahoo.com          

Maulana Ishaq on unity among different sects

Saturday, April 22, 2006

please click on this video clip link. It is interesting - you must see!

Moulana Ishaq on Differences and Unity among Different Sects of Islam. This is from a prominent Sunni A'lim.

Sakina Trust

Alam e Abbas (a.s)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Assalamu Alaikum,

Dear brothers and sisters,

After a recent visit to my 'home country' Pakistan, and seeing all the wonderful alms (flags) of Hazrat Abbas (a.s) on the homes of nearly all the momineen. It got me thinking why there are not any alms in the U.K like the ones i saw in Pakistan on the homes of momineen. I have had a 15ft alm on my home for three years now, and i would like to get you to consider having one on your homes. Sometimes people are worried about what neighbours or passers by must say, but i assure you that nothing happens and people get used to seeing it. others say that they cannot safely get near their roof to mount one, but that can problem can be easily overcome with the many ideas i have thought of.....and its not necessary to have one on your roof you could have one on you balcony or in you garden....i live in birmingham and you can see my alm on azadar.com.

If you have any questions or need help or ideas....i would love to hear from you.

Syed Sibthan Ali


Need urgent info

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

salam alakum

we are outside Pakistan and we have recently found an imam bargah our city we would like to place the Shahbih-e-Zarih Imam Hussain or Hazrat Abbas or Roza but it should be big size like 6x8 or 4 by 8 or bigger. Can u help us to provide any shop name in pakistan or Iran and their web or ph info so we can make some research for purchase for these tabrakat. We appreciate your help in this matter

Hajji syed
Azkhana-e-Zahra s.a.

Controversy about Hadees-e- Kisa

Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006

Dear Sirs,

Assalaam alaikum,

May I kindly add my two penny's worth to this controversy.

Many years ago, (In the early seventies, perhaps) my Late Mother, Begum Sarwat Zehra Rizvi, followed a tradition of recitation of Hadees Kisa on Thursday evenings, when all the family members used to gather and I used to recite the Hadees in Arabic. This was in New Delhi, in Saket, where we used to live.

On more than one occasion, as soon as I reached the last few parts of the Hadees, (I do not now remember which), I could feel a corridor, of something akin to a light right above us. This used to happen quite a few times, but not every time. I personally attributed it to all of us who were present there, being quite clean and paak to be experiencing it. I am sure there must be a lot of other people out there who may have experienced it but choose to remain silent.

Since quite a few years, I have been reciting Sura Yasin every day; there are many Duas and verses from the Holy Quran I have recited since, but never have I experienced an experience akin to the recitation of Hadees-e-Kisa.

To my mind there is no doubt about the said Hadees being perfectly canonical. May Allah kindly provide illumination to our Ulamaie Karaam who have reached conclusions otherwise through their intense learning & devotion.

With Kind Regards
Mohammed Ali Rizvi,
102 Yorkland Street, Suite 74
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4S 1A1

Request about "Shia Studies in UK"

Date: 20/03/06

Dear Sir / Madam,
Salamun Aalaikom,
I am Aoun Ali Jaravi from Pakistan, now study on the subject of ''History of Shia" in Iran-Tehran. I need your help about scholars / studies / Faculties / departments in universities about Shia in UK. This is my university research. I already searched the net and fond some good information but that is not enough. I found your site, the largest Source of Shiite news. So please help me on the subject. I do hope and request you to do this favor to me.
We pray to Allah (S.T) help us to expand Ahle-Bayt's (A.S) thought.
Please reply me.

Aoun Ali Jaravi

Need Quran copies and Islamic books in Ghana

Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dear Brothers In Islam,


I am very happy to write you this wonderful and ansome letter. How are you doing all?Hope is fine. he main motive for writing you this letter is that i just want you to know about my condition. The condition is that in Ghana here there are only few schools for muslims women and with this most of them dont go to school and with that they dont know the teachings of thier religion thats Islam. So i planned to openend a school of muslims women because i just wanted to help them. And now trully i used all my money in building and constructions work. But now the school have been completed but i dont have some islamic books and qur'ans to put them in the school so students who comes there may learn about Islam and know the teachings of Allah and His messengers. So please as im writing to you now some of the students have come to lear but because of lack of qur'ans and islamic books some of them use to go back to their places. So please i really know you are muslims like us thats why i really ask for help. But remember that Allah says in His Holy qur'an that any muslim who will help the other He Allah will bless Him/Her in all his/her jobs. I would be grateful even if you should them within a period of one week because there are no islamic books and qur'ans in the library. I will like to end here but here is my address in case of sending the items:

Schools Of Muslims Women
May almighty Allah bless you all.Hope to hear from you soon.
Yours Faithfully
Ustaz Adamu..

A letter of gratitude

Date: 15/03/06

salam alykom

alhamdolillah for all his blessings.

I would like to thank you immensely for your hard work and for providing such a beneficial service to the shias of this world.

May Allah (swt) accept your efforts and may Imam al-Zaman be pleased with you.

I pray for your success

Wa Salam

Faiqa Jawad

From an American

Sat, March 11, 2006

The American people have not become upset and angry about the Dubai/USA
ports deal because of an anti-Arab bias. Our World Trade Center was
destroyed by Saudi men, and thousands died. The ship "Cole" was attacked and many of our sailors were killed. For the past twenty years, there have been many attacks against us by people who called themselves Muslim.

I do not think true believers in Islam condone all the violence.
However, when we consider the possibility that there could be some
fanatics among the employees of the Dubai employers, who would have had
great control over our ports, the first reaction is, quite bluntly, fear.

My own religion, Christianity, tells us to love one another, to love our enemy, to do good to those who hate us. I know that many people who call themselves Christian do not live by these tenets, but it would be wonderful if all of us human beings who inhabit this planet, Earth, could at least live and let live. Thank you.

An American

Condolence on martyrdom anniversary of Al-Imam Al-Hasan Al-Mojtaba (p) on 7 Safar

Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Ar-Rasul Al-Adham (p) Cultural Foundation extends condolence on the martyrdom anniversary of Abu Muhammad Al-Imam Al-Hasan Al-Mojtaba (p) on 7 Safar al-Mozaffar.
Ar-Rasul Al-Adham (p) Cultural Foundation

Letter from Ghana: Quran, Islamic books, CDs needed

Monday, March 06, 2006

Dear Brothers in Islam,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am very appreciate to write to you this message.
Hope your working is going on very well and may all might God expand
the work you are doing to help as.

The reason for this message is that we are the Islamic young
youth organization and we are appealing for Quran, Islamic books, quran memorization cd, The reason why where we ask for this is because. We are the young Islam youth and we don’t know much about Islam, And again we are not much improve in our region by so we can educate the rest.

The Christian in this country are now given free bible and explain much about the bible and now must of the Muslim are now a Christian.
And we also don’t want that to happen where it comes in the near future, where all the people becomes Christian by so we are so ask for help so that we can also give to all the people for free .In this country, those who have qurans don’t give it free unless you buy it and it is very expensive to buy so people don’t buy unless the rich people.

In the holy Quran God quoted Help those who are in need and he will also help you .So please help us so that God will also help you.
I will like to end here with much appreciate and thank to all might God.

Yours faithful
Sheikh malik
P.o.box (as) 392

Bombing of Samarra shrine highly condemnable

Monday, February 27, 2006



Appreciation from Canada

Sunday, February 26, 2006 

As Salaamun Alaykum,

My name is Kassim Bharwani and I am a Shia youth who is living in Toronto, Canada. I am addicted to your site and i ask Allah to reward you for your efforts.

Kassim Bharwani

The Attacks at Samarra, Iraq

Thursday, February 23, 2006 


The attacks on the Holy Shrines are utterly contemptible and condemnable - A sheer act of mischief and malice to incite and provoke Muslims across the globe and create discord. However, we should not meet this act with knee-jerk reaction. The Grand Ayatollah Sistani has met this calamity with sangfroid and very wisely asked all of us to restrain. We must not play into evil hands and must look up to the Ahl-ul-bait (A.S.) for guidance. How they would have reacted to a situation like this. I am sure if we seek their guidance for every act of ours then we would never be led astray.

With deep respect and best regards,

Murtaza Danish Husaini   

Taking Part in Qur'an Recitation Competition

Mon, 20 Feb 2006


I am Delawar Hussain. Have been enlisted as the recitalist of The Holy Quran in Radio Bangladesh and Bangladesh Television (National Broadcast House) for over a period of 10 years.

I would look forward to having a chance to participate into any International events held anywhere in the world on recitation of The Holy Quran.

May I request you to please inform me as to how I can participate in such Tournament?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Thanking you
Respectfully yours
Delawar Hussain

Contact Address:
Qari Delawar Hussain
Rekha Kutir, College Road, Munshiganj, Bangladesh
Mobile: 880176-813996   

Boycott Denmark and Norway products

Sun, 19 Feb 2006

I request you to put your hands together with other Muslims and boycott rubbish Denmark and norway'product,1.6 billion Muslims can really slap the economy of them. Among the products Lurpak butter, d ano milk, puck cheese, telenor phone company, Nestle, Nedo. If you know some other products tell me. fwd the sms to as many Muslims as possible: this is the real time to use media, remember Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) might ask you 1 day what did u do when they made fun of Me

aali aali

Shrines of Ahl'ol Beit (A) in Egypt

Sat, 18 Feb 2006

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem

Salamun'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu

Re: Shrines of Ahl’ol Beit (A) in Egypt absorb flocks in Ramadan nights


Respected Editor,

I refer to your article mentioned above.

Could you please give more details concerning the lives of Lady Zaynab bint Ali ibn Abu Thalib (a.s.) and Sakina bint Hussain (a.s.) after their arrival in Cairo and the dates of their passing away if you have that information.

Thank you

Nurzaynab El-Fatah
Editor in Chief
Victory News Magazine

'Live like 'Ali ('a) die like Hussayn ('a)'    

Excluding of Hadith kisa

Sat, 18 Feb 2006

Excluding of hadid Kisa from MAfath alJinaah is sign of Iranian moving
towards wahabism .. May Allah curse be upon those people who are against ahlelbaith..

Syed Shahan Mehdi

Condemnation of Yemeni forces for human rights violations

Sat, 18 Feb 2006

FRANCE: The Organization of Protecting Rights of Shiias extremely condemns the recent human rights violations committed by Yemeni forces and its allies, anti-Shia groups, against Shia regions i.e. governorate of Sa’ada in areas of At-Talah, Al-Saifi, Al-Salem, An-Naqa’a region and many others during Ashura days.

We strongly condemn the killing of momineen and attacks of chemical weapons conducted by Yemeni forces and its allies in Yemeni regions which left scores of people dead and injured. This brutal act is not only the violation of basic religious rights rather a heinous act against the humanity.

We demand worldwide human rights organizations and agencies to take immediate notice of these violations.

Organization of Protecting Rights of Shiias, France


Letter on removal of Hadees-e-Kisa

Friday, February 17, 2006

Ya Ali (as) Madad

Could you please place the attached letter on your site condemning the action of the Iranian Government in taking out Hadees-e-Kisa as reported by yourself.

An open letter to those who have a dignified conscious.

Re: Attack on the sanctity and existence of Hadees-e-Kisa by;

Ayatullah Al-Uzma Haji Sadiq Ruhani
Ayatullah Al-Uzma Syed Murtaza Askari
Agha Raysheri – Hujjat al-Islam – The representative of Ayatollah Khemenei and the custodian of the shrine of Syed Shah Abdul Azeem (Rayy region South Tehran).



It has been brought to our attention, the recent challenge to the authenticity of Hadees-e-kisa by Agha Raysheri who in conjunction with the fatwa’s of Ayatollah Sadiq Ruhani and Ayatollah Murtaza Askari has ordered all copies of Mifateh al-Jinnah to be removed from the shrine of Syed Shah Abdul Azeem. Furthermore, he has also agreed that the hadees will no longer be included in future publications. The author’s son, Ayatollah Mohaddeth-Zade, has denounced Rai Shahri’s decision saying that his father had included the Narration of the Cloak in the first publication of Mafatih Al-Jinan and considered it to be authentic.
It must be noted that the above-referred hadees is not only certified by all Shia and Sunni scholars but also revered by millions of Shia Muslims around the world.
It is well known that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.), Imam 'Ali (A.S), Fatimah az-Zahra (S.A), Imam Hasan (A.S.) and Imam Husain (A.S.) are collectively called Al-Khamsat-un-Nujuba in Arabic or Panjatan-e-Pak in Persian and in Urdu the Purified Five or the Pure Five. They are also called Ahl-e-Kisa or Aale-e-Eba meaning the People of the Mantle. Both these appellations for these holy personages stand certified and authenticated - the former one by the verse of the Holy Quran (Surah al-Ahzab, Ch 22, V33) known as Aaya-e-Tatheer;
إِنَّمَا يُرِيدُ اللَّهُ لِيُذْهِبَ عَنكُمُ الرِّجْسَ أَهْلَ الْبَيْتِ وَيُطَهِّرَكُمْ تَطْهِيرًا
And the other by a Tradition of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.A.S.), which gives the background of revelation of this verse.
The famous companion of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) named Jabir Ibne Abdullah Ansari has himself related this tradition from Bibi Fatimah az-Zahra (S.A.)
The fatwa’s given in concurrence of the decision for the removal of Hadees-e-Kisa from Mifateh al-Jinnah and all future publications is not only in contradiction with the Quran (33:33) and narrations of Masomeen (as) but in fact a conspiracy of some so called Ayatollah’s in attacking the Ismat (infallibility) of the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammed (SAW). It is therefore, responsibility of all of us to further investigate the reasons behind this fitna and register our protest against this devious act.

On behalf of all the grieved Shia Muslims who are living under the authority of Imam Mahdi (as).

Lanatullah-e-Alal-Kazabeen (Al-Quran).

malang Hussain

Letter from Greece

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Assallamu allaikum,

Firstly I would like to appreciate the efforts done by "jafariya news" team, its really a dramatical change in the media I mean via internet spreading the news worldwide and i see you have done a great job. As for intro my name is Mirza Mubasher Ali Baig, residing currently in Greece, a current member of Jafria Organization (peresteri ATHENS GREECE) and also a member of subcommittee known as sangat matmiyaan ASEER-E-SHAAM. Well my main purpose of getting in contact with you was: due to lack of time I rarely surf on net, but when I came across your site I noticed a gap of information about shia's of Greece, well the last news you put on the site was juloos e aza on road i presume (I mean shia in public) after that you have news of mr. ghandour on masjid construction in Athens Greece, well after that in recent two years juloos e aza also came on road along with zanjeerzani at peresteri Athens organized by jaferia organization, well for better and further information i would like to request you to see our under construction site jaferiaorg.com or relate to Mr Qaiser Ali Ghauri our general secretary at alimoula51214@yahoo.com, well all I wanted to do was make a change towards betterment in communication of shia world wide at least in Europe. On my behalf I will be personally in touch with you time to time. At last i would again request you contact us I give a bit of your precious time.


Both the Danish paper and Muslims are wrong … Appeal

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dear Editor,

The furious responses of the Islamic world community as a result of the Danish cartoons concerning the Islamic prophet Mohammed are well understandable. But both the Danish newspaper and the Muslims are wrong. The Danish newspaper is wrong because blasphemy and freedom of religion - to this belongs also treating other religions with respect - weigh more heavily than freedom of speech. You cannot make cartoons concerning Christ or Mary either. The Danish judge who said initially the Danish newspaper was right is wrong. The Islamic world is wrong in thinking that the legal way of protest now ends and only with violence excuses can be enforced. With violence you only harden the positions and work for the devil. Christ tells in the Bible in Matthew 18 to discuss a matter first with the person himself, if he does not listen to bring in 2 or 3 others and if that does not help to present it to the church, in other words a higher authority, somebody simply has to appeal at a higher Danish judge, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and/or the International Court of Justice in The Hague. That is the only successful way to get the Danish newspaper editor in prison, not let newspapers publish the cartoons and have the prime minister of Denmark carpeted by other heads of state.

Kind regards,
Drs. J.G.A.M. Leushuis
Zeist, The Netherlands

E-mail: jgamleus@dds.nl
WWW: www.jgamleus.dds.nl
Omnis Scriptura divinitus inspirata est
2Tim.3:16, Nova Vulgata,

Thanks for news of Bangladeshi shias

Sun, 12 Feb 2006

Dear Brother and leader,
Assalamo alaikom w/r
Thanking you for news of Bangladeshi shia's Moharram procession.
May Allah (JS) keep us all with the sincere servants of Imam Al Mahdi (AJTS).

Your brother
Abu Jafor Md. Salah (jaforsalah@yahoo.com)
Bangladesh Imamia Study circle
Dhaka, Bangladesh  


Wed, 8 Feb 2006

Well done

Live majalis from Islamabad

Fri, 3 Feb 2006


Is there a way that I can listen to live majlis from Islamabad, I am interested in listening to Markazi Imam bargah majalis from Islamabad. I am in United States and I came here from Islamabad. I miss my majalis there.

farah kazmi

Majalis in Gothenburg, Sweden

Fri, 3 Feb 2006 

Ya Ali madad

I am new in Gothenburg Sweden. I have seen that in malmo there is an arrangement for majlis.

Can you please tell me if there is any place in Gothenburg also? I am also trying to find one. Please give me some info on it.

Sayed Aamer Abbas

Let me know majlis, imambargarhs in Amsterdam

Mon, 30 Jan 2006

dear brother, I am new in Amsterdam now muharram start pls tell me about majlis and imam bargarhs I am very thankful. In my life its first time in muharram I out of Pakistan
hassan raza jaffery

Congratulations for adding picture with old friends

Sat, 28 Jan 2006

Bismihi Ta'ala

As Salamu 'alaikum

I send you my congratulations because Jafariyanews add a picture with old friends. It's mean: Saddam and Bush, two faces in same money.

Thank you very much for refresh memory to world.

From Chile, your in Islam and Ya 'ali (P) Madad,

Mahdi Arismendi Poblete

Fee Amani Allah

Happy Id Ghadir Khum from Chile

Wed, 18 Jan 2006

Bismillah, As Salamu 'alaikum

Congratulations for Id Ghadir Khum, The Day best of best from Ummah and Siratal Mustaqim. We are thankful to Allah because Merciful is the Victory for Mu'minin according Zaqalain Hadith.
Your in Islam from Chile,
Mahdi Arismendi Poblete
Fee Amani Allah

London majalis 2006 schedule

January 12, 2006

Agha I visited your website mashAllah it is very good and informative actually I was looking for the schedule of majalis 2006 which will be held Inshallah in London but I couldn’t find it so can u please mail me the schedule, the names of imambargahs and the maulanas, I will be really thankful to you.

Allah Hafiz
ejaz haider

Enquiry to purchase DVD/Cd

January 10, 2006

Dear Sir
Please guide me where i can purchase DVD/Cd of majlises and other duas .if i can get the details of which cd/dvd is avialable it will be very kind of u
Shazi Ali Mirza

AIM STATEMENT: Mailing List Hacked by So-Called Shia Muslims

Date: 01/01/06
From: Hassan Tabatabai

In His Name the Most High

All Praise is due to Allah, Lord of the Worlds and may his bounties and blessings be upon the greatest of mankind - Muhammed (SAW) and upon his holy Progeny.

Allah (SWT) says:

And most certainly Allah will know those who believe and most certainly He will know the hypocrites. [Holy Quran 29:11]

Salaamu Alaikum Warahmat Allah

As some of you may have already noticed, the AhlulBayt Yahoo Group of the AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) which was a mailing list that had been running for the last 4 years to help in communication and announcements of projects was destroyed on the eve of Ramadan by vandals who sought to silence the Mission.

After some investigations and tracing the trail of those who sabotaged our mailing list, we have come to know who has attacked the Mission. However, we believe that it is not suitable to reveal their identity for their own safety and for the interest of unity of the community in general.

May Allah forgive the so called Muslims who claim to await the Return and yet make mischief on the Earth.

"And of mankind are some who say: We believe in Allah and the Last Day, when they believe not." [Holy Quran 2:8]

We regret to inform you, that those of you, who had subscribed to the AhlulBayt Group prior to it being destroyed, have had their emails stolen by another party who wish to use these emails to further their events and gatherings. AIM in no way gave these emails to any third party and we apologise for this inconvenience and hope that you remained safe.

Our dear brothers and sisters, we in AIM have given an oath to remain on this path and will persevere in our efforts to promote a platform for the blessed return of our Leader regardless of any opposition or attempt to silence our calls. Such attempts will not stop us from continuing on this sacred path. We say to our enemies, who we will safeguard and shield as instructed to us by Islam, just as Habeel (the blessed Prophet and son of Prophet Adam) said to Qabeel (who was likewise son of Prophet Adam but was a transgressor): "If you hit me, I shall not hit you back; for I fear Allah, Lord of the Worlds."

On this note, it is with the blessings and bounties of Allah (SWT) that AIM has re-established its mailing list. For those who wish to continue to receive updates from AIM, please send us your contact email to mail@aimislam.com to be added onto the list.

Finally, AIM would like to thank you for your support and patience during this testing time. Since these unfortunate attacks, we have received many messages offering assistance and help in order to rebuild what has been lost. May Allah bless you all for these kind offers.

Jazakum Allah Khair
Wa Min Allah Al-Tawfiq - Verily, success is from Allah.
Wasalaamu Alaikum Warahmat Allah
AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM)

Condolence on m-anniversary of Imam Jawad (a.s.)

December 31, 2005 6:23 PM

Assalamo alaykom
Condolence to you on the martyrdom anniversary of al-Imam Muhammad al-Jawad (a.s.).

Ar-Rasul Al-Adham cultural foundation


Condemnation of attack against Shia Scholars, protestors in Bahrain


On Sunday the 25th of December 2005 Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Sanad was detained at Bahrain International Airport by security officials from the government of Bahrain while returning to Bahrain from Qom. A peaceful gathering protesting the detention of Ayatollah Sanad and calling for his release was organized at Bahrain International Airport. The airport security forces attacked the peaceful gathering of protestors, which included women and children, using battens and tear gas, beating and abusing them.

The International Shia Cultural and Human Rights Organization (ISCHRO) expresses its concern and disappointment over this blatant abuse and urges the government of Bahrain to respect the freedom and liberty of the individuals and their religious affiliation.

Postal address: ISCHRO P.O. Box 15-281 New Lynn Auckland New Zealand
Email: ischro@ischro.org 

Data bank of devoted Shia youth

Date: 13/12/05

Honorable Sir,
We have a data bank of devoted Shia youth to help in any case where it is needed. On a single email it will be exchanged to help our shia brethren. We have a number of graduates in various sections and man power too.

We look forward to help our brothers in every regard, and wait to your queries.

iltimaas duaa,
Executive Director, W.A.F.

Help me in getting job

Monday, December 12, 2005

As-Salamo Alaika Ya Sahebal-Asre-Waz-Zaman , As-Salamo Alaika Ya Khaleefatar-Rahman , As-Salamo Alaika Ya Imam-al-Inse-Wal-Jaan , As-Salamo Alaika Ya Mazharal-Eemaan , As-Salamo Alaika Ya Shareekal Quran , As-Salamo Alaika Ya Imam-e-Zamanena Haaza Ajjalallaho Farajak Wa Sahhalallaho Makhrajak , As-Salamo Alaika Wa Rehmatullahe Wa Barakaatoh !

"The best form of devotion to the service of Allah is not to make a show of it."- Imam Ali (AS).


Subject: Request for help.


This is Amir Raza (Pakistani), student of MS Telecommunication in London. Even though I am Masters of Science in Computer Science, with Microsoft Certification (since 1998) and more than five years of experience in the field of Information Technology, unfortunately I am unemployed from last five months.

I have, National Insurance Number, Bank Account, Proof of address (Driving Licenses), UK valid Visa and I am registered with NHS.

Now, this was the only way for me to communicate with my Shia community. I request all of my momineen brothers, to help me in getting any job.


Amir Raza.
NW2-3HY, London, UK. 07724328638

Amir Raza Phone: 07724328638
Email: imam.raza@gmail.com 
For Detailed CV :

Report of Global Peace exhibition

Date: 06/12/05

Alhamd-u-lellah, with the grace of Almighty God we could successfully held œ The Global Hope, For Global Peace Exhibition œ on the occasion of Imam Mahdi™s birth anniversary.
You can study the report of this exhibition in our newly designed website www.iric.org 

Waiting for your comments and suggestions

Islamic research & information center


Request to jafaria news admin for Urdu website

Date: 02/12/05


I want to request administration that a web site with the same name be designed in which all the articles be loaded in Urdu language .u should understand that majority of net user in subcontinent do not understand English. My second point is that shia research books like "Shubhai peshawer" and those written by Doctor teejani be loaded on your web site in Urdu language. Please remember that anti-momineen have started converting their literature on net in Urdu language. We momineen should make long term strategy for preaching hussainyet(AS)on net. Wishing u best of luck.

ali muzafar

Biographies of Ayatullas

Date: 02/12/05

Dear Sir,

I have come across your site and read a few biographies, which are very informative.
I think you should include biographies of some great Aayatullas from India and Pakistan also, eg. Aayetullah al Uzma Syed ul Ulema Maulana Syed Ali Naqi un Naqvi Marhoom from India who has written hundreds of books in Arabic and Urdu including Tafseer e Quran, and Aayatullah Hujjatul Islam Maulana Syed Ibne Hasan Najafi from Pakistan.

Thanks/ Regards
Mirza Jamal

Shia Aalim

Thursday, November 24, 2005
Dear Sir
Salamun Alaikum
One of our shia molana [pesh namaz] here from vartej [bhavngar] is in search for job for pesh namaz as well as madresa teacher
He is having experience as well as certificate for fifteen years of pesh IMAM and one year as a madressa teacher in a well know institute in bhavnagar and mahuva
So kindly let us know if you have any place for pesh imam or madressa teacher. he is ready to do all the work
BIODATA is also available on request
Mohtaje Duagir
Shahnawaz Merchant

Ayat Shirazi urges Iraqis participation in polls

By: office of Ayatullah Sadeq Shirazi, Holy Qom
In answer to a question by Mo’minin Keraam regarding oncoming elections in Iraq, Ayatullah Sayyed Sadeq Ash-Shirazi said the whole Iraqi nation is under obligation to take active part in the elections as it is a trust on the shoulders of all. He also said that no statement was issued from him about specification of any alliance.

Regarding the letter “The priest accepted Islam by Maulana Sakhawat”

Date: 24/11/05

Dear Sir,

Respectfully I want to bring it in your notice regarding a letter posted on jafariya news network titled “The priest accepted Islam by Maulana Sakhawat Hussain” dated November 21, 2005, that Mr. Molvi Sakhawat Hussain Sandralwi does not keep a good background, he committed several embezzlements, works for secret agencies, has forged degrees and he despite being a non-Sayed has married a Sayed woman. And the priest, about whom it has been stated that he accepted Islam on his hand, was already a Muslim man because he himself hasn’t issued any statement regarding this. Jafariya news is liked by all very much but it seems that there are elements that desire to harm its good reputation.


Sheikh Rehmat Hussain
New York          



"Knowledge is better than wealth because it protects you while you have to guard wealth. it decreases if you keep on spending it but the more you make use of knowledge ,the more it increases . what you get through wealth disappears as soon as wealth disappears but what you achieve through knowledge will remain even after you."MORE ..



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