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  Updated: August 31, 2006

Iraq honors Grand Ayat martyr Sayyed Baqer As-Sadr

By: Ismail Zabeeh

BAGHDAD, Iraq: Valuing his great and grand services for Iraq and Islam as well as his prominent remarkable role in struggle against Saddami dictatorship, Iraqi president Jalal Talabani has honored Grand Ayatullah martyr Sayyed Muhammad Baqer As-Sadr terming him “Great Martyr of Iraq and Islam”.

Sayyed Baqer As-Sadr was martyred along with his sister Bint’ol Hoda in 1980 at the hands of despot Saddam.

Talabani said it is obligatory on the State to acknowledge his role and fix allowance for his respected family.

Ayatullah As-Sadr had established Hezb Ad-Dawah Al-Islamia in 1957 along with a number of religious scholars and intellectuals. He is the author of various books in fiqh, osul, Islamic thought, mantaq, iqtesad, tarikh, osul-uddin and philosophy. Some of his writings are:

Resalah fil ilm al-mantaq, he compiled this book while he was 11 years of age.

Fidak fit tarikh

Ghayatol fikr fi ilmil osul



Al-madressah al-islamia

Bahath haul al-Mahdi

Bahath haul al-velayah

Nash’aatu Tashayyo va Ash-Shiia

He was detained by Saddam regime for many times.

5 April, 1980, he was arrested along with his sister Bint’ol Hoda, and on April 8 at 10pm electricity of holy city of Najaf was turned off and then at midnight Saddami forces called on his cousin Ayatullah Sadeq As-Sadr and gave him dead body of the Ayatullah Baqer As-Sadr … he was draped in blood and signs of torture were very clear on his body. He was buried on April 9 in a secret grave in Wadi As-Salam cemetery of holy Najaf. His grave remained secret till 2003 when Saddam was ousted.

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