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  Updated: February 23, 2006

Mourning Bahrainis march against shrine aggression

By: Ali Al-Qadumi

MANAMA, Bahrain: Mourning Bahrainis marched last night at various parts of the country to protest attacks on holy shrines in Samarra.

Demonstrations were held before Maghrib (sunset) prayers in Duraz as well as after the prayers at Al Khawaja Mosque in Manama and Al Hayyak Mosque in Muharraq.
Demonstrators chanted anti-American slogans and demanded those responsible be severely punished.

The Golden Mosque is the resting place for the 10th and 11th revered Imams Ali Al Hadi (p) and Hassan Al Askari (p) respectively.

The act was also condemned by 11 Islamic societies in a statement issued Wednesday.

"The Islamic societies and the people of Bahrain affirm that this attack or others like it that aim at creating sedition between sects is not acceptable," they said.
The societies called on people to take part in a demonstration to be spearheaded by the Islamic Clergymen Council tomorrow starting from 3pm at Al Qadam Village roundabout, on Budaiya Highway, to Al Dana Mall, in Sanabis.

The Supreme Islamic Council also condemned the attacks, saying they targeted a holy Muslim site.

Hussaini, Zaynabi commemoration continues in Bahrain

AS-SANABES, Bahrain: Majales wa Mawakeb al-azaiyah, or the mourning sittings and gatherings continued in Bahrain in memory of Chief of Martyrs Al-Imam Abi Abdellah Al-Hussein (A) who rendered supreme sacrifice to defend Islam and Shariah some 1,400 years ago in the plain of Karbala.

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